Saturday, July 31, 2010

Here's how we're gonna do this...

The Comic-Con 2010 rundown is, to say the least, GI-NORMOUS!! So I've decided to split the posts up into daily versions as opposed to all one thing. Trust me, it's The Bible and War & Peace combined! By next year I intend to have a brand new battery for my laptop (the current one is dead) so I can post these reports in full on a daily basis.

I'll start posting each day's report within the next hour, as the entire piece is done with the exception of photos which I'm adding now. Pics are uploading as wel speak. Sometimes I don't know how these 20-year-olds fill web page after web page with info of a particular event at Comic-Con right as it's happening! It's insane the flow speed of information these days! Stay tuned!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Pulling everything together

Yes, True believers, the Comic-Con 2010 report is coming together and should be up sometime later this evening!

Got home in the late afternoon on Monday and promptly went to sleep for about an hour. Slept well Monday night, but still needed to run some errands during the day on Tuesday, as well as get to a Doctor's appointment in the midday.

This is my second visit to a balance specialist, since I am still experiencing some double vision when I open my eyes after closing them for about 30 seconds. The two separate eye images come together pretty quickly, and I now have a series of head exercises to repair the inner ear issue that lingered after the vertigo dissipated. A friend referred me to them and I'm very grateful he did. It's definitely been a positive and informative experience. I was concerned my problem would be permanent, but learned during my first appointment that it will definitely be gone within the next month.

A full rundown of 2010's amazing Comic-Con experience, with photos, will shortly grace this site.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

The rundown is on it's way

SOOO ready for bed after the most amazing time at Comic-Con to date! Packing in the morning, breakfast, driving Bill to the airport, then the ride home and back to the real world.

My full rundown with photos will be up within the next day. I'm sure by now most of you have read quite a number of news stories regarding some of the major events and panels that made this year so memorable. But hey, none of those are MY perspective which will be the most in depth of all...LOL! Just kidding! Stay tuned!

Tron arcade figure and Light Cycle!!!

The most prized limited items at Comic-Con....MINE!!!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Day 3: What a completely AMAZING DAY!!!!

Today's insane rundown of TOTAL COOLNESS!!!:

- "Green Lantern" panel: very, very COOL first clips!
- "Cowboys & Aliens" panel: Favreau's rollout is direct, punchy, to the point, truly incredible AND Harrison Ford made his first CC appearance!!!!
- "Captain America" panel: got more than we expected with a teaser trailer and Chris Evans!
- "Thor" panel: Director Kenneth Branagh, Chris Hemsworth, Hugo Weaving, and a thrilling action packed trailer!!
- "The Avengers" entire cast line-up: INSANE 'THEY'RE REALLY GOING TO BRING EVERYBODY OUT' SURPRISE MOMENT!!! Plus, we were there during the stabbing. Crazy!

Tomorrow it's another day of getting up before the crack of dawn, this time not to get in line for Hall H (no programming in there anyway), but my final chance to buy one of the limited edition "Tron" figures in that classic video game fashioned box and a die-cast Light Cycle at the "Tron Legacy" booth. Then heading up to the Sails Pavilion to buy our memberships for next year. The rest of the day will be spent checking out the last bit of the Exhibit Hall we have not perused yet and some general last minute trolling.

At this point I've decided to stop trying to post photos with the little amount of time I actually have to hook up the camera and chose something. I'll be posting an entire set when the event wraps up...and I can't believe that's tomorrow!!

O.K. so maybe there isn't time

Was really hoping to post at least one photo from yesterday.....and there's literally been NO time! Standing in line for Hall H and the "Green Lantern" panel. The "Harry Potter" faction of this line had us geting down here at 6:30am, and I'm sure it's around the back of the convention center by now.

They have free WiFi out here now, but my laptop battery is dead. Must buy a new one before next year. Having that would really help today. The weather's been great these couple of days. Not hot and with a somewhat cool breeze occasionally.

I'm wearing my GL shirt today. Yesterday I started with my new "Back to the Future" and changed back into my Flynn's Arcade t-shirt when we went to the arcade and the End of Line Club. Really glad I did because "Tron Legacy" continues to be the buzz movie of the event.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Day 2: full day in the Exhibit Hall and Flynn's Arcade

Plenty of time to take in much more of the Exhibit Hall today. Even though I kind of regreted it later, I decided to skip the "Green Hornet" movie presentation in favor of spending more shop time on the main floor. Picked up where we left off and made it to the three quarters mark. Sunday will finish a complete sweep of the multiple football field length hall.

Went to Flynn's Arcade this afternoon after picking up tickets at the "Tron Legacy" booth. OMG, if we thought last year was incredible, this year REALLY went above and beyond!! After a 25 minute wait outside, we entered the now familiar recreation of Flynn's Arcade from the first movie and was able to play as many games as we wanted FOR FREE!! But this time we could stay and continue to do so for as long as we wanted! Last year they gave fans about twenty minutes to enjoy the vintage machines, followed by a back door opening to reveal a hallway that lead to a lifesize Light Cycle from the new movie.

This time that door lead to the back room office of Kevin Flynn with digitizing equipment just as you've seen in the trailer. Shortly after this, another set of doors opened leading through a long brightly lit hallway. At the end we were lead into the End of Line Club where free bottles of Coca Cola Zero were handed out and clips from the brand new trailer shown on giant wall sized screens all around us. In the center was a circle of cushioned seats. Daft Punk music played while a woman, dressed in a completely white Tron universe outfit seen in the film, strolled out to the enthusiastic flashes of multiple cameras.

I took a lot of photos during our time there, as well as happenings and costumes on the convention floor, and I'm hoping to get one or two up here in the morning.

Right now I'm overdue to get to bed. Have to be up pretty early to get in line. Tomorrow: "Green Lantern", "Captain America", "Thor", Jon Favreau, and Kevin Smith. Spending the complete day in Hall H.

Day 2 begins

Getting ready to head down for Day 2 at Comic-Con. Today is nothing but shopping and checking things out in the Exhibit Hall. Gotta get to the "Tron Legacy" booth to buy those limited edition items and get tickets for Flynn's Arcade. I'm hearing that Cindy Morgan is supposed to be there tonight!

Boxleitner as Tron

BTW, it's pretty much official: Bruce Boxleitner will not only be reprising his role as Alan Bradley in "Tron Legacy", but will also be back as a digitally younger version of himself as Tron. During the "Tron Legacy" presentation this morning in Hall H, director Joseph Kosinski said the two main elements of the original "Tron" that they knew had to return was the character of Kevin Flynn and Tron. There ya go!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Thursday Comic-Con brief

Awesome day today! "Tron Legacy" panel with the entire cast and insanely cool footage, Will Ferrell in blue face make-up and Megamind costume for the "Megamind" panel, some shopping in the Exhibit Hall, and a hilarious night out in the Gaslamp Quarter. Yes, photos ARE coming! Just too tired tonight to give a proper rundown of events.

Tomorrow we'll be getting in line to hopefully score one or both of two limited gems; the "Tron Legacy" light cycle and the original "Tron" figure in a arcade game box at the "Tron Legacy" booth. We've been told they would start selling the days alotment first thing in the morning. Another day of getting up early and makiong our way to the proper line. Friday is SHOPPING DAY in the Exhibit Hall! We'd planned to attend the "Green Hornet" panel in Hall H, but being the fact that we'll be in there all day Saturday, we'll more than likely be trying to soak up as much time shopping and looking around time as possible.

We also need to score some tickets for Flynn's Arcade, once again online a few blocks from the convention center. Word is there are a few new surprises awaiting us behind the Tron arcade game at the back wall. There's been a couple of videos showing this bonus, but I'm trying to stay away from those to make sure we're surprised when we enter. CAN'T WAIT!!!

"Tron Legacy" panel: AMAZING!!!

Just came out of the "Tron Legacy" presentation! They showed eight minutes of footage AND the brand new trailer!!! Incredible stuff!!! Heading back down now to the Exhibit Hall.

Good morning, Day 1!

I'm up, amazingly awake, and about to head down to the line to get into Hall H for the "Tron Legacy" presentation. God Bless It!!! I was pleasantly surprised to find, when I awoke at 5:45 this morning, that this line had not wound it's way down the street yet. We're about at the halfway point on the lawn area right outside Hall H to getting in the door!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Hilton Hotel view at Comic-Con

We now have our membership badges and are kicking back after a wonderful dinner at Lou and Mickey's Restaurant right across the street from the convention center.

Here's a couple of views from the our room at the Hilton San Diego Bayfront. Those tents down below will be covering the crowds waiting in line to get into Hall H. Great idea, since previous years had everyone standing out in the sometimes harsh sun. However the weather this time around looks to be a little more confortable. Temps: high 60s / low 70s.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


We're here in San Diego!!! The room at the Hilton is awesome, the view is amazing, and we are SO ready!

Unfortunately, Bill's flight from Albany was delayed about an hour causing him to miss his connecting flight in Las Vegas. So here we are hanging out in the hotel, which is really beautiful and creatively modernistic. Bill's just waiting to get the next flight to the San Diego Airport and should be here a little bit later tonight.

Had an early dinner at Pizzeria Uno on the way down here. skins!


Bags are packed, money's in hand, all set to hit the road for San Diego and COMIC-CON!!! Got my haircut last night and I'm taking care of a few last minutes things before departure. Bill is just about to board his plane in Albany to fly out. "It's a beautiful day...Comic-Con as you know means friendship."

Expect my usual reports with photos from the event each day. Stay tuned! WOO-HOO!!!

Monday, July 19, 2010

1 day to go until the trip down to San Diego!!!

Hey, that rhymes. Here's a shot of the Hilton Bayfront Hotel where we'll be staying, taken within the last couple of days. Universal is promoting "Scott Pilgrim vs. The World" with a gi-normous banner on the side of the building. In the foreground is the huge area where those long lines form to get into Hall H. Prime real estate to be right next too. Click on the photo for a larger image.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

"Inception" review: dazzling visuals, but ultimately disappointing and frustrating

First off I'd probably have to say the reviewer I seem to see eye to eye on regarding Christopher Nolan's highly anticipated movie, "Inception" is David Edelstein of New York Magazine. Before seeing the movie I scoffed at the fact that he was the only top critic to give the flick a less than stellar review. But after seeing it last night I actually agree with him.

As always, if you've not seen the movie yet, be aware that there are SPOILERS AHEAD!

Let me just say right off the top that I was REALLY looking forward to this movie, and for a number of reasons. I'm a HUGE Christopher Nolan fan, and have been right from the very start of his career with "Memento". Plus, the concept looked and sounded truly amazing and wonderfully intricate, as well as visually stunning. One of the positive things I will say about the film is that the visuals ARE truly incredible, especially a free fall fight in a hotel hallway. However the complexity and layering of the story were not what threw me from fully grasping what was going on. It was mostly some of the muddled and accent altering dialogue spoken in mumbles, too quickly, or with the attitude that you know how this whole dream entering trick works.

The movie does allow about fifty minutes for the audience to digest the mechanics of joining someone's dream state, a process Nolan appreciates and plays out very well here and in all of his previous films. "Memento" was certainly a prime example of this. Also, remember how interesting it was to see how Batman's costume came together from discontinued military programs, weapons and vehicles, as well as putting together two completely different products from two completely different manufacturers in two different countries to create the cowl. The only thing that really needed more of a mechanical explanation in "Inception" is how everyone seems to know about this machine that can place you in someone's subconscious in some way, shape, or form. Is it a stolen government experiment? Where did this technology come from? Does anyone with money and power command these dream teams and are they well known among the general populus? Important and, I think, essential story elements that are just brushed aside for you to swallow as though your mind will probably fill in the blanks.

That was part of the problem for me going into the end of the first act. Wait...what?...can we go back a bit? How come she knows about this? How come the mark seems to know about this dream process enough to have his subconscience 'militarized' against invading dreamers? Why are we fighting a bunch of James Bond bad guys in white snow suits against a hillside fortress? Oh wait, I know, let's listen to the dialogue for clues...

Leonardo DiCaprio: We've got to get here before they do.
Ellen Page: Right, but can we [mumble mumble] to [some name]'s position?
Ken Wattanabe: Look...we'll be able to [words spoken too quickly with Japanese accent] from a far.


Why are we here? What are we doing? Oh Christ, I don't know! Let's hope something happens shortly that makes sense...Oh wow! Check out that amazing dreamlike stunt and visual effect. COOL!!! O.K. we'll just coast for now, I guess...

After this happened several times along the way, you started to become numb and didn't really care about who was doing what. Just waiting for the resolution that would hopefully straighten everything out in the end. I 'got' that the team was performing an "Ocean's 11"-style con on the mark (Cillian Murphy), and that they would need to fool him by submerging into three dream levels; falling into one dream, going to sleep and having another dream in that dream, then falling alseep and having another dream in that dream within a dream. I absolutely understood all of that, and I could see the walls between these levels. One thing I might have added was at least some type of transition to let people know we were moving from one dream to another.

Which brings me to the fact that you really do have to pay attention throughout this movie, as critics are saying. I had no problem with that at all. But once again, the lack of information through missing dialogue and a three quarters explanation of how and where we find ourselves amongst the dream team who are about to perform this dangerous mission, pulled me away from becoming close enough to the story to really be immersed. I experienced the arms-up-in-the-air reaction at least twice (my WTF response to something in a movie that just isn't clicking at all), and you know right there that this is a bad sign when only half the movie has passed.

Leonardo DiCaprio is excellent in the role of a man whose tortured past continues to invade his current dream job, bringing out a number of facinating takes on how immersed a one could become in one's own dreams. His dead wife, played by Marion Cotillard, and faceless children continually haunt him visually and even try to sabotage the mark he's trying to manipulate. But I would have to say that almost everyone else is somewhat disposable.

Ellen Page has always been a favorite of mine since "Juno", but a few things that are set up for her are never really explored fully or paid off. The talent her character possesses as 'the architect' of dream structures is only played out during a training dream before any of the action begins, and this is the amazing sequence that's been played up in trailers of Paris folding in on itself. It would have been better for her to construct these structures and obstacles quite clearly as the dreams unfolded. Yes, you see her creating models before the mission of some of the landscapes they'll be encountering. But later on you start to wonder what her purpose is if we're not seeing her create on the run.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt's character is much more involved in physically performing the tasks at hand, and he received the strongest appreciative reaction from the audience as he fights two bad guys in that incredible free fall and tumbling hotel hallway struggle. Tom Hardy works well as 'the forger' who can mimic an individual from someone's life within the dream, here extracting information through trust and familiarity. The manner in which we see his character transform is visually subtle and clever. Cillian Murphy is the mark, but you never seem to connect with him emotionally. He's little more than a target, which is too bad because he's usually very interesting to take in on film. I point to his role as Dr. Jonathan Crane in "Batman Begins". BTW, watch for a brief appearance by a grown-up Lukas Haas in the opening scene.

Another unique aspect of dream states we all experience is how time bends a bit, where a couple of hours of dream time can equal five minutes of sleep time. These time lengths extend as we enter each next level of the dream state these characters are trying to fathom. There are definitely a couple of mind opening reveals regarding this as the movie rolls into it's final act, and the ending is very cleverly ambiguous. The only probem is do we care at this point?

Hans Zimmer's score is indeed epic, and Christopher Nolan continues his excellent collaboration with cinematographer Wally Pfister whose lensed every film for the director including "Memento", "Insomnia", "Batman Begins", "The Prestige", and "The Dark Knight". His top form visual talents are on display once again in "Inception".

But the bottom line is...should I give the movie another go to try and work my way through the muffled dialogue and busy storyline and hopefully appreciate the story's impact a bit more? Quite possibly. Not sure what I'll find, but I'm certainly willing to give this one more shot. Especially since everyone and his brother seems to think "Inception" is practically the second coming of Christ. Or if nothing else, as a few critics are putting it, an iconic film on the level of "2001: A Space Odyssey". I really don't think I'm going to come away from screening number two with that revelation, but if I could understand some of the things that bogged down my further enjoyment of this movie, I wouldn't mind that happening.

We'll see.


‎Amazing effects, yes. Fantastic concept, yes. Confusing, overly busy storyline, yes. Important dialogue that's spoken too quickly or mumbled so you miss the purpose of what everyone's trying to achieve, yes. Just a little more explanation as to why everyone in the story understands how all of this works, yes. I really wanted to love this movie. Maybe I need to see it again...not sure.

Going to pull my thoughts together and write a proper review later today (Saturday). AND my interview Friday at Good Spot went very well. Full report on that as well.

Friday, July 16, 2010

"Inception" tonight

Definitely very excited about seeing "Inception" tonight at the Arclight Hollywood. One small frustration: At the last minute they decided to have the film open in The Dome. THAT'S where I originally wanted to see it and felt it would be best viewed. Unfortunately, fucking "Eclipse" was hogging that prime piece of theatre reel estate and Christopher Nolan's dream opus was relegated to the next largest auditorium. That's where we'll be. It's definitely a big house...yet still not The Dome.

I know...the glass is half full, not half empty. Not complaining, just another annoying moment sparked by that Twilight tweener movie.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Ah, the check!

Just received this pay period's check at Happy Hour, my final before the big week. I am now replete with cash for Comic-Con; travel, hotel, food, EXHIBIT HALL! GOD BLESS IT!!!

More responses from my pro website e-mailing

Received an e-mail from my contact at Open Road Entertainment asking for more information about the types of projects I've worked on. He also called late Tuesday afternoon asking me to return his message right way. Unfortunately I didn't catch him in time then because I was in the middle of the project here at Happy Hour, but called Wednesday morning. Turned out he had a fast turnaround on something that just came in and needed someone immediately for the day.

Of course I'm at Happy Hour this week and couldn't have done it. But getting in the door there would at least have gotten me working on a project directly for them, adding that all important familiarity hook to call me back another time. At the end of our conversation he said he would definitely keep me in mind for upcoming projects. Certainly a good sign that he reached out to bringing me in.

Also received an e-mail from my contact at Good Spot today asking whether I worked on Avid or Final Cut Pro (both, of course) and if I'd be willing to take freelance jobs that pay a flat rate per project, whether or not they take a couple of days or a week or more. I've certainly done this before, even though in the longer run it's not as profitable. However, I do need to keep the money coming in, as well as getting in the door of more post houses. Both Open Road and Good Spot are trailer houses so this is even more important.

The following is all happening as I write this. Responded to Good Spot about a half hour ago, then got a reply that she'd like to meet with me and could I come by today or tomorrow. Tomorrow would be better because I could do it on my lunch hour. Next e-mail just came in that noon or 1pm would be fine with her, as is for me.

So I now have an appointment at 1pm tomorrow for an interview at Good Spot! Will update afterwards. I couldn't think of a better thing to top this week off with right before the trip to San Diego!

The Toys on the web

Characters from "Toy Story" find themselves on the internet. This is very cute and very creative...

Closing in on the end of my final week of work before Comic-Con

The week is progressing nicely here at Happy Hour. The first cut of my "Detroit 187" project has gone out to the studio to look at, and it received a lot of kudos from the people I'm working with here.

The second half of yesterday and for the most part today has me in a holding pattern waiting for notes to come back on this, and a Disney project that keeps popping it's head above water. So with this kind of down time, I'm continuing to work on the project I hope to see on the big screen at Comic Con next week....if the person I need to contact to get permission ever gets back to me in time. I have the impression he may not even be doing his presentation this year, which may be why he hasn't responded too quickly. It's a little more complicated than that though.

Details of this project will be revealed next week. Just don't want to make the content public yet. If I'm not able to run my tribute in San Diego then I intend to upload it to YouTube when we return.

Waiting to learn whether or not I'll be back here on Monday for the one day before we depart on Tuesday. Also hoping to get some tidbit about my possible return the following week. Things still seem like they're heating up on the project front.

Ryan Reynolds' Green Lantern costume: could be better

The cover of the new Entertainment Weekly has just been released revealing our first glimpse at Ryan Reynolds in his all CG Green Lantern costume. O.K. I'm kinda on the fence about the look of this thing. Will probably have to see it in action first before really knowing if it works. Some elements are too much of a departure from the comic rendition, others are too literal for film.

The body looks like one of those scale human models in science class where the skin is peeled away to reveal the muscles underneath. The white in the lantern logo on his chest, even though it looks like that in the comics, seems a bit much here. I always wondered how they were going to do the mask, or if they were even going to include it at all because there was no way to not make it look weird on film. This is another aspect, the design, I'm very iffy about. Thoughts?

"Inception" premiere interviews and Hans Zimmer concert

Check out this rather lengthy yet thoroughly inthralling video that includes a series of interviews with director Christopher Nolan and cast members during the premiere of "Inception" at Mann's Chinese Theatre, followed by an incredible concert with music composer Hans Zimmer backed by a 20 piece orchestra behind the El Capitan Theatre right across the street from the Chinese.

I actually saw the huge tents going up that morning as I drove through Hollywood on the way to work. Had no idea it was for this! If you can, watch and listen to the entire concert. Zimmer's music for the movie is truly stirring and epic, and he's accompanied by Smiths guitarist Johnny Marr on the soundtrack and here on stage. Think I'm going to definitely have to download this after I see the film on Friday night.

You can read a brief description of the evening and see the 30 minute clip here at

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Like a child right before Christmas...

This is the time I really cherish. The week before Comic-Con, which has literally become my adult Christmas!

I remember the anticipation when I was a kid; the decorations were up, music of the season was everywhere, holiday specials ran continuously on TV, and presents would soon adorn the brightly lit tree. Then came Christmas morning and the cornucopia of gifts that brought excitement, laughter, and a really wonderful sense of just being home.

Now it's the drive to San Diego, seeing the skyline in the distance and getting closer, checking into the hotel, and peering out the room's window for the first time at the Convention Center down below. And finally, picking up membership badges and entering the exhibit hall for the first time on the first day. I'd really have to say that I do feel a sense of home when I'm there. On a side note, again I'm reminded of how this one event makes any of the conventions I attended in the 80s or 90s seem like cheap garage sales in comparison!

So here we are, on the verge of another amazing time at Comic-Con! "Tron Legacy" certainly has to be THE event of this year, and I'm sure there's going to be some really cool viral happenings going on around town as well. I would LOVE if they had Flynn's Arcade like they did last year!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

"Inception", Happy Hour, and the final days before Comic-Con!

This week, Christopher Nolan's follow up to "The Dark Knight" premieres. The movie has received nothing but stellar reviews (with the exception of New York Magazine, what do they know anyhow) which makes the countdown to this Friday's screening even more anticipatory. I'm trying to stay away from advanced multiple clips that are showing up on sites like

Beginning a new week at Happy Hour Creative, I'm working on a piece for a new ABC show called "Detroit 187". No more details can be shared at this time, but it's definitely an offshoot from some of the other projects I've been tackling here. So glad to be busy again this week which may very well lead me into the beginning of next week, to be followed closely by....

Our departure day for Comic-Con is now exactly ONE WEEK AWAY!!! Time to start making that all important list of things to bring. I spent some in-between time at work yesterday pulling schedule selects from each of the four days. I was actually amazed to find that there's absolutely nothing going on in Hall H for the entire day on Sunday! For several years, the final day of the event was one of the go-to times for a huge studio release presentation. The last one they did was for "Spider-Man 3". Since then, Hall H has been kind of dark on the day everything comes to a close. But there's absolutely a lot of cool stuff happening all of the other days in the 6,000 plus auditorium!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

"BTTF" admission pricing: O.K. that's better!

I wrote a message to the guy whose organizing the Back to the Future 25th Anniversary Reunion asking for more details regarding the over-the-top admission price of $500 for the entire week.

Was there going to be separate admissions for individual events? What happens when the 100 tickets run out?

He responded the following day stating that they were in fact about to put up pricing for individual events over the course of the 7 day celebration, and that the number of tickets would expand very shortly. Today I went on to discover that everything had been broken down and the amount of tickets for each had been somewhat expanded. This is definitely more acceptable than the 'one size fits all' approach of everyone having to pay $500 upfront, period.

Sure, when you add everything up you're actually saving $30 by doing the 'entire event' package, but there are a few things I don't necessarily need to attend. You can go here to see the complete price list, but this is specifically what we're interested in:

- Screening of Back to the Future at Puente Hills Mall
- EARLY BIRD Filming Locations Tour
- EARLY BIRD : The Time Machine...Disassembled
- EARLY BIRD : Enchantment Under the Sea Gala Evening

Total for our picks: about half of the full package price! NICE! THANK YOU!

Check out the full rundown at the link for more details of each stop during the week. EARLY BIRD means there is a discount if you book before a certain time. Some of these go up in price as early as August 1. Others I know will be absolute go-to, sell out event for true fans. Mainly, the Enchantment Under the Sea Gala Evening. So I'm not taking any chances....buying our tickets TODAY!


Chris just confirmed something that was really starting to seem like a certainty, even yesterday; I'll be here at Happy Hour for next week...THE WORK CARRIES ON!!! The reason the title is mostly in caps is because of the added excitement this brings! Not only for the cool projects I continue to work on, but the expansion of financial security for Comic-Con and heading into August. This new week sets in stone that the big event will be replete with full-on fun!

I remember last year how I was almost drunkenly cackling in the car on the way down to San Diego, amazed and filled with fanboy glee that the trip was actually happening! This during the height of one of the worst years financially for me, 2009. Now, I'm starting to laugh with joyful anticipation earlier in the month because there isn't that fear of 'what's going to happen with Comic-Con?'.

This year it's going to be very different....TO COMIC-CON AND BEYOND!!!

New Old Spice commercial

Not only is this new Old Spice commercial hilarious (as usual!), but it actually had me playing parts of it again and again to see how they actually DID all the gags! "Does your man look like me?...No. Can he smell like me?...Yes." LOL!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

"Inception" early reviews: pitch perfect!!

Christopher Nolan's new sci-fi thriller is getting some incredible early reviews. Considering the fact that I'm severely stoked for this movie, I'm really excited to see such positive feedback! Read the reviews now at these Variety and Hollywood Reporter links.

New week at Happy Hour

Post 4th of July weekend (which was nice and relazing), I'm back at Happy Hour for this entire week. Working on a couple of spots for a new FOX comedy called "Mixed Signals" premiering this September. Project began last Friday. Can't talk about the show at the moment, but this will carry me through the end of the week with what is looking more and more like a good chance of spill over into next week. Not officially scheduled yet but the signs are there.

Keeping my fingers crossed as we head into these last two weeks before the Big Event in San Diego.

As the clock officially strikes midnight...

...we are now 2 weeks away from Comic-Con!

Hotel...check. Membership...check. Money...check. Anticipation and excitement...F-ING CHECK!!!!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

All I have to say is THANK YOU! About damn time!

Lindsay Lohan will have plenty of time to think about what she's done.....IN JAIL!!! 90 days in jail to be precise, and 90 days in-house probation after that. BOO-YAA! See the video of the sentencing in all it's tear filled glory here. Click on the photo for her courtroom beauty shot.

Problem is I don't think this will straighten her out. This is just the beginning. Maybe 6 months to a year will do the job.

Lucas advises laser company to stop production....hey, here's a great deal to throw at George!!

George Lucas wants a Hong Kong company to stop producing a new laser product because the hilt to this portable device looks too much like a lightsaber. Hey, here's a great opportunity for this Chinese company to make a counter proposal! How about they'll stop making this laser gadget in return for LUCAS NEVER MESSING WITH ANY OF THE "STAR WARS" MOVIES EVER AGAIN AND RELEASING A FULLY REMASTERED VERSION OF THE ORIGINAL, THEATRICAL RELEASE, HOLY TRILOGY ON DVD!!!

SOLD!!!!! Sounds like a great deal to me!! Click on the photo for the full story at


Tickets have gone on sale for the "Back to the Future" 25th Anniversary Reunion Event. And to my complete and utter shock, today I learned that the admission price for the 'Complete Experience - Includes all events and admissions' is $500 per person!!!

What, what, what, WHHAAAAATT???!!! WTF!!!!

I understand that there's a certain amount of logistics pulling this whole thing together, being that some of it takes place on the Universal lot, a tour (presumably by bus) of all the filming locations including a screening of the movie at a location that's about 45 min. south of where I live, plus the Enchantment Under The Sea Dance. I also just read that they're trying to get Huey Lewis and The News to perform. The guest list is expanding slowly and I certainly understand the amounts of money needed to put something like this together.......BUT $500 A POP??!! CHRIST!!!

And here's another interesting development. Turns out that, as of this writing, there's only 98 tickets left...98!! I have no idea how many there were to begin with and don't understand why there's such a limitation on the number of people who can attend. Give me a break! This thing had better be THE ULTIMATE "BTTF" EVENT EVER(!!!) for THIS kind of money to be asked for. I almost want to personally have a conversation with either Michael J. Fox or Christopher Lloyd for no less thatn five or ten minutes for this kind of cash!

Bottom line is I'm finally perfectly in-tune with Comic-Con financially, now just a little over two weeks away. I can't put forth that kind of money until I know that I'll be working more, either continuing on with Happy Hour for at least another week or two, or getting a gig with another post house soon after Comic-Con is over. I really don't want to miss out on what is shaping up to be a once in a lifetime celebration.

This week I'll be keeping my eye on that '98 tickets left' ticker to see what happens. The frustrating thing is I'm giving up Star Wars Celebration V in Florida next month because it's just too close to Comic-Con, plus I'm giving up going to the Grand Hotel on Machinac Island, Michigan in October for the 30th anniversary of "Somewhere in Time" because the money has just not been there. Oh but wait, there's this awesome "BTTF" anniversary event that's.....HOW MUCH??!!

Still want to go if I can swing it. But these guys had better deliver the goods....IN ABUNDANCE!!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Original "Back To The Future" teaser

Here is the original "BTTF" teaser trailer featuring Michael J. Fox checking out and getting into the DeLorean time machine. A disembodied female voice asks 'how far you goin?', to which Fox answers, 'about thirty years'. The music teases with a Tangerine Dream like / "Risky Business" feel to it, ending with an instrumental version of Huey Lewis' "Back in Time". Great stuff!!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

"This Saturday night...we're sending you BACK TO THE FUTURE!!!"

I planned to write this earlier in the day, but wanted and needed to take care of a couple of errands plus wash my Mini when I found myself on the only day I'd probably have time to do so. Plus there was "Toy Story 3" to see again this evening, which once again was incredible!! So here we go...

25 years ago today, "Back to the Future" flashed into theaters and a major movie phenomenon was born! The film that would become my favorite of all time, to this day has one of the tightest scripts in movie history. Everything has a purpose in the story; dialogue, actions, cause and effect. Right down to the smallest detail.

It's a comedy, an action movie, and a science fiction film all rolled into one. Original yet familiar, heartwarming and even tear inducing at one moment, exciting and thrilling with elements of real tension. "BTTF" has all of these things wrapped around a cast of incredibly talented actors, top notch special effects both visual and mechanical, and a rousingly big orchestra score that expands the movie to an even larger scope.

Michael J. Fox and Chistopher Lloyd are forever immortalized as Marty McFly and Doctor Emmett Brown. John DeLorean's creation on wheels started as a revolutionary automobile, but will always be associated with and seen as the time machine that accidentally carries a teenager back thirty years in time to meet his parents and hopefully save his future.

There have been many articles online today commemorating the 25th anniversary, but the one thing I was overjoyed to read was an update regarding THE "Back to the Future" event we're all waiting for this coming November! The 25th Anniversary celebration taking place over a week's time starting November 5th and ending on the 12th, chronicling Marty McFly's trip back to 1955 and return to 1985 right to the day!

This includes a screening of "BTTF" in the Puente Hills Mall parking lot (Twin Pines Mall from the film), a 'Battle of the Bands' competition at the McCambridge Park Rec. Center (where the school gymnasium scene was shot), an extensive tour of just about EVERY filming location in the movie, a hoverboard 101 class, a disassemblage of the DeLorean time machine discussion with the original creators of the movie vehicle, an exclusive event only tour of the town center and clock tower set on the Universal backlot, all culminating with a re-creation of the Enchantment Under The Sea Dance at the Hollywood United Methodist Church Gymnasium where that scene was actually filmed!

And this is just a SCANT overview of the INSANE amount of COMPLETELY COOL events going on over the course of the eight days!!! Check out the website here for a complete list of everything scheduled, organized, and in the works! I...CAN'T...WAIT!!!!!!

Tomorrow I'll be heading to two key locations from "Back to the Future" to commemorate this quarter century anniversary; The Gamble House in Pasadena which was the filming location for Doc Brown's mansion, and a particular house and street in the North Hollywood area where Marty McFly and family lived in Lyon Estates. Yes, I plan to take pictures.

I'm hoping the guided tours and book store are open and running at the Gamble House tomorrow, even though it's a holiday. I've been inside the book store once before with Bill and Allen about three years ago. This is the garage where Doc Brown's lab was in 1955 and 1985 and where he ended up living when the mansion burned down. Also want to have the DVD of the movie along to watch key scenes connected with the locations when I get there.

Friday, July 2, 2010

"...and Leon's getting larger!"

"Airplane!" turns 30 today and out of all of the gags in the movie, both spoken and visual, my favorite has to be when reluctant pilot Ted Stryker (played my Robert Hays) says "When Kramer hears about this, the shit's going to hit the fan!". Then they cut to a shot of an old 1950's fan back at the airport tower with shit flying through it's blades! LO - F-ING - L!!!

After that it's when Lloyd Bridges says to Robert Stack, "you'll have to talk the plane right down to the ground!"....and suddenly in the background a watermelon crashes onto a desk and splatters. Those two moments were my 'please stop the movie because I need to laugh for another five minutes' scenes.

And of course who can forget Peter Graves as Captain Oveur: "Joey, do you like movies about gladiators? "

Or Johnny...

Reporter: "What kind of plane is it? "
Johnny: "Oh, it's a big pretty white plane with red stripes, curtains in the windows and wheels and it looks like a big Tylenol."

There are SO MANY great lines in this movie that are classic!!! I have the "Don't Call Me Shirley" anniversary edition of the film, yet haven't watched it in a few years. Time to have that all important anniversary screening.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Is every classic movie having a major anniversary this year?

Yes, its true! There are a lot of yours and my favorite movies that are celebrating 25th, 30th, and 35th anniversaries over this summer. Two more classics hit the mark Friday, July 2 and Saturday, July 3, including my favorite movie of all time. Watch for some gi-normous banners to splash across the top tomorrow!

New Pee Wee Herman movie in the works!

I was really excited yesterday to read that Judd Apatow is in the early stages of putting together a brand new Pee Wee Herman movie! Apatow has a passion for "Pee Wee's Big Adventure" and recently went to see the new "Pee Wee's Playhouse" in LA, a show I really wish I could have afforded when it was playing.

Throw in some of the usual suspects from Apatow's films like Seth Rogan and Jonah Hill and this could be a hugely funny blowout comedy! Click on the pic of Pee Wee to read the full article at

BTW, this is the perfect time to resurrect the character on the big screen because "Pee Wee's Big Adventure" will be celebrating it's 25th anniversary in August!