Friday, April 30, 2004

Time to vent a little...!

What is with a lot of recent movie releases? Everything that's come out in the last number of months has sucked! And there have been some films I was really looking forward to just by the trailer.

-"Starsky & Hutch"...Stiller & Wilson...bad trailer, bad movie.

-"Connie & Carla"...great trailer, looks very funny, I'm there!...critics hate it, major dud.

-Now "Envy"...Black & Stiller, this has to be good!...D's all the way down everyone's list.

I even read a couple of early screener reviews that "Van Helsing" is a major bomb (O.K. so I've been skeptical of that after seeing the first trailer).

And M. Night Shamalamadingdong's new film "The Village" looks as good as "Signs"...BAD!

Please God let "Spider-Man 2" rock!! But I have to say that some of the CG in the newest trailer could be better (especially when he swings around a pole on a crowded bus). Hopefully they are still polishing things...hopefully.

I'm just so damned tired of being disappointed! Was all set to go see "Envy" tonight...BUT NOOOOOO!!!!! Where are all the good movies? Will any come out this year? How about next year? We know "Episode III" will leave us cold but I'm only in it for the "Episode IV"...oh screw it, "STAR WARS" (the first film!) connection. Seeing Anakin put into the Vader costume, Luke & Leia's flight into hiding, etc.

I have to say once more, and based on what some of you know I have at home, rentals are fast becoming the way for me. Why pay $9-10 for crap when you can pay $4 and change to view it practically the same way at home! Retoric!!

But still the disappointment at recent cinema...

I do want to see "Master & Commander", "The Cooler", "Ghosts Of The Abyss", and "The Last Samurai"; all films I just could not bring myself to go see in the theater (forgive me James Cameron) but welcome into my home.

BTW, gonna see "Kill Bill Vol. 2" tomorrow night and that's suppose to be really good.

Monday, April 19, 2004

California State Income Tax Forms...

Jeez talk about complex, even with the EZ form! Multiply number this by the percentage of the square root of line 23 - 40. Now add your total income to the divided number of the first line in box 16.....BAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!! Now send your entire wallet to...

Just had to vent. Got some work coming from Working Pictures here in Albany end of the week. Getting ready for that next phone call (probably from ipostini) that it's time to head out again. Only this time I'll have an arsenal of new DVD reels and my new upgraded resume. Let the next Hollywood assault begin...!

Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Just a little side note of interest...(I'm allowed) ;-)

I'd heard about this film which premiered at Sundance starring Natalie Portman and Zach Braff called "Garden State" . The story is about a clinically depressed young man who returns to his home in New Jersey after 10 years to attend his mother's funeral. Along the way he becomes involved with a girl (Portman) who has depression issues of her own.

For some reason I just cannot get enough of this trailer. I think it's one of the best I've seen in recent memory. No dialogue, no VO, just very intriguing, funny, emotional and strange imagery to a song by British duo Frou Frou. Now I'm starting to read that a lot more people online are watching this trailer again and again. I think it's brilliant...and very simple in it's execution. And of course Natalie Portman is just flat out cute.

Sunday, April 11, 2004

Just got back home last night...

Started making a list of all post houses I need to drop off an updated copy of my reel and resume. Now that I have a DVD version along with some recent additions, I need to get my work (and face) in front of everyone again. Persistance is the name of the game. Have some high profile trailer houses (Trailer Park, Insync Advertising, Aspect Ratio) I need to hammer about getting in the door. It's gonna happen.

One more thing about "The L Word" season recap I did last week. It's my first HD (High Definition) project. Was hoping there was a picture of the edit suite online to show you but there isn't. Gonna capture that recap tonight (directly into Final Cut Pro) when they air it before the season finale at 10pm. That way I can add it to my reel.

Looks like Tim (at ipostini) will be giving me a call later this week with an update. The buzz I heard before leaving was there'd be more work within a week or so. Had to come home to take care of taxes, get my driver's license renewed, run off some new DVD reels, etc. But yeah things continue to be on a roll.

Thursday, April 8, 2004

What a great day this has been! Got in the car after work, rolled down the windows, and blasted music on the freeway!

Just wrapped the "Crown Heights" trailer today. Again, hit a home run with the folks at ipostini...they really liked what I came up with and the presentation to Showtime will happen beginning of next week. I think it's safe to say I am fast becoming the 'go-to' guy or these sort of projects based on various feedback I'm hearing, which of course makes me extremely happy.

BTW, the 1st season recap I cut for Showtime's "The L Word" will air this Sunday night right before the season finale. How's that for fast turnaround!

Also, in mid afternoon I was introduced to a director who's current feature film is in part posting at ipostini. They said he would be looking to cut a trailer (or trailers) for his project and I was naturally the one they wanted to steer him towards. See...nice feedback! More details on this shortly as I am running out of time on this computer to post. Must...get...laptop!

Wednesday, April 7, 2004

Started working on a trailer for "Crown Heights", a Showtime feature film starring Mario Van Peebles and Howie Mandel. Here's another opportunity where Tim is just letting me go to see what I came up with. He viewed a rough cut today and liked the direction. I'll more than likely be finishing it off tomorrow, mainly because of the fast turn-around needed. Although there is the possibility this may go into Friday.

Heard back from Autonomy after sending an e-mail yesterday (Gina is always so good at that). Looks like things have not quite picked up enough yet to need freelancers. So if nothing else I'll be heading back east this Saturday. Tim at ipostini may have more for me very soon. In the meantime it's almost April 15th and I'll be needing to file in two states this year.

Monday, April 5, 2004

Yes, the Work Gods are smiling on me!

Finishing up on "The 'L' Word" season recap...tomorrow we do the online and ship it. Late today Tim said he has another trailer (!!) for me to start work on Wednesday. Woohoo! That will more than likely keep me working through the beginning of next week (what with client review, changes, etc.). Once again things are going really well. Good people, fun place to work at...deee-lish! So I'm in a great mood tonight...but tired. Didn't get to bed until midnight last night. Course that still translates into 3am by my still-east-coast clock.

I think I can safely say work is on a roll right now...GOD BLESS IT!!!

Saturday, April 3, 2004

Just finished up my second day on this project for ipostini.

It's a five minute 1st season recap for Showtime's "The 'L' Word" which will air before the season finale. Things are going really well. They brought the first cut up to Showtime last night who came back with some restructuring changes; what characters' stories are shown in what order, etc. Made some of those changes today and will be continuing tomorrow.

Next Showtime viewing will be Monday afternoon, then we do the online (high rez picture & audio sweetening) on Tuesday. They need this by Wednesday. Monday at lunch will be the opportune time to get in touch with some of the other post houses (like Autonomy) to pick up more work when this wraps.

Monday I will also drop off my first DVD reel at Studio City (a trailer house). Up until recently I've used VHS, but now the established industry format is DVD. In fact (as I mentioned on the phone to a couple of you) I had just finalizing the layout the night before (and due to some technical problems couldn't burn until the day of) my flight out here. Talk about 11th hour!

Tonight I'm taking myself out for dinner and ice cream to celebrate my birthday!