Wednesday, September 22, 2004

It's official...

My dub of the BET image promo is now ready for me to collect, along with the "Cellular" promo I only had time to run off on a digibeta tape.

Friday I'll stop by Autonomy to pick up my check and tape dub, then Saturday I'll be flying back east for close to one week. Time to finally upgrade the resume and reel which I can then distribute to new and previously contacted post houses, happily current. After a few other work tools are brought up to date, it's back to LA to spend what I hope will be the remainder of the fall. Again, work sounds like it may very well be plentiful. But as always I'll believe that when I'm officially booked into a project. Nothing has resurfaced regarding work next week so I'll be playing this trip by ear. Previously I'd been penciled in for this week and next. But that's how things can change on a dime in the industry. I'm feeling pretty confident that work will pick up sooner rather than later.

Two things will also happen come hell or high water this coming week in Albany:

1 - I'll sit and watch the entire current season of "Six Feet Under" on DVR, since they only have Showtime at Extended Stay.

2 - I'll gleefully turn off all the lights, crank up the sound, and watch all three "Star Wars" DVD's on the big screen. Several reviews have gotten me excited to see and hear the new transfers. Not to mention the abundant supplimental material I'm sure will make my head explode with delight! To be fair I have seen comparisons online of the old Jabba-meets-Han scene from "A New Hope" and the new CG makes the '97 version look like a cartoon in comparison. I still have not read anything about the rumored inclusion of a line mentioning Padme or a scene with Jimmy Smits on Alderaan before it blows. Hopefully this is false information. Another rumor has also surfaced that perhaps...perhaps...Lucas is waiting until the absolute last release of all six movies in one giant box set to put out the original trilogy. The excuse being 'hey look how far the films have come since there simple, unfinished beginnings', presenting them only as a comparision tool. Blah, blah, blah...

Tomorrow night I'll be heading to the Arclight Theatre in Hollywood to see Lucas' digitally remastered and projected "THX-1138", showing on movie screens only in New York and LA. I don't have such a major stake in this film and will gladly enjoy the alterations and enhancements. I know it just came out on DVD but I want to see it in the theatre here before I and it leaves.

Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Day O' Trilogy

Today it was nice not having to work because I could get up, trot the entire half mile to Best Buy (literally at the opposite end of the parking lot where I'm staying), pick up "Star Wars", and enjoy the revelry.

There had been a couple of Best Buy's on the west side which opened at midnight and included parties, music, etc. Sounded like a lot of fun...but I wasn't too hip on travelling to a Best Buy location I wasn't real familiar with at midnight in LA. Today when I arrived at the store here in Burbank, there was the usual giant cardboard display choked to the brim and then some. Surrounding it were several tables manned by employees who were only too happy to hand you the Trilogy. I thought O.K., this ain't gonna work for me...gotta pick out my own.

As I moved around the display I spotted a guy in his mid fifties who was perusing a number of widescreen versions to find an pristine box. Being of the same ilk I piped in with, 'hey it looks like you're hunting for the same thing I am'. His reply was 'Yup...God they made the packaging so flimsy'. As I picked one up I noticed exactly the same thing. This is "Star Wars" for God's sake!...could we at least get something of the weight and heft of the "Indy" boxed set? Nope! How about a metal case like "Highlander" or "T2"?. Noooope!!

Around me I noticed several people each looking over multiple copies for dents and dings. I felt like a closeted gay man realizing there were more like me in the world and I could finally 'come out'. Then one of the employees said, 'I've got some more boxes under the table if you'd like to look through 'em...I do the same thing, look for the absolute best one, so I totally understand'. I said, 'absolutely'. Couldn't have been a better morning...hobnobbing with fans who were insanely anal like myself.

Moving toward the checkout I noticed the line had quadrupled. Now it ran from the front of the store a full 2/3's distance to the back. They even had several employees near the registers directing traffic, holding up fingers like one would see trying to get a table at some mobbed restaurant on Saturday night...too funny.

So here I sit with my shiny, happy copy of the "Star Wars" Trilogy at last...WITH NOTHING BIG ENOUGH TO WATCH IT ON UNTIL I GET BACK EAST...D"OH!!! Yeah I know...shut up, it's comin'!

One final interview comment from the Associated Press today:

AP: Why not release both the originals and special editions on DVD?

Lucas: The special edition, that's the one I wanted out there. The other movie, it's on VHS, if anybody wants it. ... I'm not going to spend the, we're talking millions of dollars here, the money and the time to refurbish that, because to me, it doesn't really exist anymore. It's like this is the movie I wanted it to be, and I'm sorry you saw half a completed film and fell in love with it.

YOU SUCK!!!!......YOU SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!! Ha! VHS, if anybody wants it...BITE ME!!!

...O.K., but yeah I was there first thing this morning to pick up my copy. ;)

Monday, September 20, 2004

"Sky Captain", the perversion of The Holy Trilogy, and a brief change of plans...

Saw "Sky Captain and The World Of Tomorrow" last Friday night. Thought it was really good...the visuals especially were awesome. They totally captured the look of the old serials like Buck Rogers and Max Fleicsher's "Superman" cartoons. The story was very basic, as it was in the 30's and 40's, with the best part being the banter between Gwyneth Paltrow and Jude Law. Angelina Jolie has a couple of interesting and exciting scenes, but is on screen a lot less than I expected.

I'd have to say I enjoyed it, but came away unsure as to whether I'd buy the DVD. This of course being 'the bar' to which I secondarily hold every film it good enough to own. After a few days have passed I'd say that I'm up to watching "Sky Captain" again. This is starting to feel like a film that will grow on me more in time. Definitely looking forward to the making-of supplementals on the DVD. First round at the theater: good film...but not quite "Raiders Of The Lost Ark" like some critics are comparing it too.


So yeah, there's going to be a bunch of stuff I will right out loud boo at...still am eager to get the box set. This week's Entertainment Weekly has an article asking George Lucas why release the special editions as opposed to the originals. His reply of course was "do I please myself and make the movie that I wanted, or do I allow the audience to see the half-finished version that they fell in love with?". You know there are two options to that question, George...JUST ADD BOTH, MR. POTATOHEAD!!

Received an e-mail from Gina today stating the work they had hoped to book has not materialized yet, so it's unlikely they'll be needing me for the rest of the week. This presents a major decision crossroad. I very much need to update my reel and resume. I have masters of all the work I've done for Autonomy...with the exception of the BET spot they should be running off for me tomorrow. At this point I need to head back east for several days; get everything upgraded, take care of a few minor things, then return to LA in lieu of upcoming work. Tomorrow I'll be getting in touch with a few post houses I've interviewed or touched base with in recent months. Most notably I need to contact New Wave Entertainment again. If you recall I had a second interview with them in March.

Nothing back from Hammer Creative Advertising yet, despite my three voice messages. Have the impression they needed to pencil editors in at the time they contacted me in late August. I was still in the Bowl project, but was fairly precise regarding the wrap-up date. Since I was not 100% clear of work at that time, they probably went ahead and picked another freelance editor. This, however, does not take me out of the loop. I've interviewed with them, my foot is still in the door, I feel it's just a question of when.

So if I leave here to come home it could be as early as this Wednesday, the 22nd, returning by Monday or Tuesday of next week. This is all still very much up in the air. We'll see what tomorrow brings...

Friday, September 17, 2004

Sky Editor and The World Of Hollywood

Crossing Hollywood Blvd. on my way home, I routinely glance down the street towards The Kodak and Mann's Chinese Theatre, three blocks from Autonomy. Immediately I saw two very familiar giant objects standing just outside Mann's. I quickly veered left into the $2 parking garage under The Kodak and walked across the street to find the premiere of "Sky Captain and The World Of Tomorrow". Unfortunately I had gotten there just a little bit too late. The stars had already walked the red carpet and were inside Mann's Chinese Theatre waiting for the film to start...D'OH! So I decided to snap a few anyway...since those inflatable giant robots were just too cool!

A few moments earlier and I just might have seen this...

Here is the lonely red carpet leading to the entrance of Mann's where Angelina Jolie, Jude Law, and Gwyneth Paltrow had just walked.

On the way back to the parking garage, I spotted an area about a block away where they would obviously be holding the post premiere party...several tents plus a large open area that had SFX clips from the film projected on giant screens. This is the type of event that really brings home where I work...kind of like a breath of Hollywood splendor. Not that I always need to be reminded, but sometimes I get wrapped up in work and forget to look at the big film world which surrounds me.

On the work front, I finished a little early this week on the BET promo. Turns out the network was being a bit slow in responding to our most recent alterations so they were trying to find things for me to do in between. Plus the seniot editor, Andy, was through with his most recent project so they turned over the online finishing to him. Originally there was to be no work next week with a couple of projects forming for the following. Before I left yesterday Gina said there would in fact be work for at least the next two weeks.

She also came by the edit suite to discuss future scheduling, relating once again their overall delight with my work. Was told that my desire for a staff position has been passed on to Chris Jean, the Production Supervisor. The general consensus by Chris, Andy, and Gina is that I am the logical choice for the next staff editor position, and Chris wishes to meet with me about that prospect. Gina said there probably would not be an opening immediately, but that she very much wanted to keep me in the inner circle and continue to schedule me for freelance projects on a very regular basis. Work is definitely not slowing down. So I could invariably be busy almost straight through until the Holidays at this point. Woohoo! Keeping my fingers crossed.

We also spoke of our mutual happiness that I'd finally gotten in the door. Plus my amazement at the size of the first project...The Bowl...coming into a new post house the first time. Usually post houses bring in new people for a week or a few days to try them out. Her reply was she had a good vibe about me in general after seeing my resume and reel, plus the e-mail's we bounced back and forth for eight months prior to meeting, which happened the day I actually started at Autonomy. After seeing me work for a short time it became clear that I wasn't just a fill-in editor. I took control of The Bowl and flew with it, also evident in the few follow up projects since.

So all in all a sparkling report card...A+.

Now I've settled into Extended Stay America in Burbank and am very happy. I'm also off until the beginning of next week. Here's another area where everything is right at my fingertips and work is 7 miles away as opposed to 16...with only one mile of freeway travel time. It really doesn't hurt me too much that there's a Best Buy, Target, Olive Garden, and Krispy Kreme right next to the hotel. Tomorrow I start scoping the area a bit more...

Monday, September 13, 2004

Refocusing: Burbank

This Wednesday I'll be transferring from Extended Stay in Woodland Hills to the one in Burbank. As mentioned this will allow me to reside closer to work, as well as be more centered in the industry community while maintaining a confortable distance from the city area itself. My freeway time will be a scant 1 mile stretch as opposed to over 13...the rest will be through Burbank main streets. Roughly 1/3 the total distance from where I've been staying in Woodland Hills this whole time. School's back in session and my commute since last Tuesday has been one whole hour! During the summer it had been 45 minutes. At 1am with no traffic the trip takes 15 minutes...I know, I've driven it!

Somewhere in the middle of working on the BET image promo right now. Feedback has been great from both the client and Angela, the producer I'm working with. Think they're realizing more each day that they can through something at me and walk away, knowing I'll be very creative, work efficiently on my own, and be timely with my cut. In between cutting while we wait for more feedback from BET in New York, I'm cleaning off the drives of the entire Bowl project, as well as compiling an Autonomy demo reel they've asked me to work on. Inquired with Gina about next week...she said there may not be anything then, but the following week looks good for another project to begin. Must...keep...working! In the meantime I'm getting in touch with ipostini and Pongo to see what they might have going on in the interim. Hello?! would be a great time to call me back!!!

Sunday, September 12, 2004

The Hollywood Bowl & I: Part 2

Knowing that Part 2 was probably going to be almost as meaty as Part 1, it's taken me until the weekend to finally sit down and write...

After Labor Day came and went...where I slept past noon...Laura and I reconvened Tuesday morning to do some clean up on the Bowl project. Essentially all we needed to do was create a second set of archival master tapes for future reference. These would include the complete audio from all the films used in the program. The actual performance tapes had areas where there was no audio at all, or just dialogue and sound effects for the orchestra to play against.

As I came in, Laura had several newspapers and industry periodicals laid out on the sofa. We were both interested in what the reviews had to say of our work and the performance in general. Nothing in the LA Times...nothing in Variety yet, that would probably be she handed me this week's The Hollywood Reporter. After reading the first three paragraphs praising the conductor, orchestra, and their rendition of the James Bond theme syncronized to a fast paced montage of clips, I finally reached this, and I quote:

"The expert film montage was supervised by Laura Gibson and edited by David Blanchard ("The Newcomers"), and it was even more exciting than any one film, building beautifully on top of the score derived from Monty Norman and David Arnold."


Of course I didn't scream like that in front of Laura, but she was happily waiting for me to reach just that part. I was like "what, what, what, whaaaat?!...oh my God!!!" She said, "that's why I was so eager for you to read it". I never actually expected to be named! At most I was looking for a positive review regarding the film clips and montages in general. This, and Conductor John Mauceri saying my name from the Bowl stage, was completely beyond anything I could have dreamed or imagined. There were also complimentary comments about the other montages and music video as well.

For the record, this is the weekly version dated September 7-13 on page 79. On the official Hollywood site, here is the complete article.

Apparently they also looked me up on, which is where "The Newcomers" reference comes from. So...right after work I went to Border's Books 5 blocks away. Upon arriving I noticing that they stashed the magazine behind the counter. The clerk asked "can I help you?", and I said, "yes, can I get every copy of The Hollywood Reporter you have back there" (there were six). "Is your name in it or something?", he asked very nonchalantly, and I said "yes, as a matter of fact it is". Then he wanted to know who I was. Ah, the praisings of the little people...LOL!!!

So now I have 6 copies of The Hollywood Reporter to go with my 20 copies of the Hollywood Bowl program book. Course The Reporter is $5.99 a pop so do the math. Wednesday's review in Variety was very positive, mostly noting the orchestra's performance sync'd to the film clips and montages with precision. Unfortunately you have to be a paid member to access articles on their site, but I did pick up a copy or two of the actual newspaper for myself. This was in the daily version, but they too have a weekly.

An interesting note...In The Hollywood Reporter the one thing they thought could have been better was a rendition of the "Rocky" theme that seemed flat not accompanied by a clip or montage. Laura and I got a kick out of that because Stallone's office had refused his image be a part of the performance because MGM/UA wouldn't let him use the "Rocky" theme for his reality boxing series. And yet we had cut a montage of clips from the first film to the main theme in July. At least we still have it for possible future use, plus I ran a copy along with everything else I dubbed for my reel. I was certainly dissapointed when the news came down because it was one of our more thrilling cuts, but at some point I'm sure it'll be used later.

Now Laura and I look forward to next year...Twentieth Century Fox. And that, of course, is going to be an amazing library to choose from. With the release of "Episode III" next year, they're already batting around a giant "Star Wars" montage. COUNT...ME...THE HELL...IN!!!

As of Wednesday I started cutting an image promo for BET. Essentially they want something for the network that resembles HBO's Sunday Night spots where characters from different shows appear together and speak with one another. Those involved a lot of compositing that we won't be doing. Just cutting, with several graphics and the BET logo. The HBO effect will be very similar though. This project lasts until the end of this week. Monday I'll once again be asking Gina "what's next?". Although I think (and hope) they'll be keeping me around for a while.

Thursday, September 9, 2004

The Hollywood Bowl & I: Part 1

And now, finally The Bowl Report!

Jeez, where do I start! O.K...Sunday was truly amazing. But let's back up a day or two briefly.

After working very late Friday night to finish running off the masters for performance night, Laura and I met once again on the Warner Brothers lot in their main scoring stage. This would be the first of two Hollywood Bowl Orchestra rehearsals, and would also mark the first time I'd see my work set to live music. There were no celebrity sightings this morning, except for me because of course this was our celebrity inducing weekend. Again, just being on The Lot was incredible. We had to head back to Autonomy Saturday afternoon to do some changes and once again ended up working until midnight.

Sunday brought rehearsal number two at The Bowl itself. Finally I would see the huge screen hanging above the orchestra where all the film clips and montages would be projected. Aside from the main screen, there would be several plasma screen monitors at the edge of the stage for the folks who were right under the large one. As with the Warner lot, no cameras were allowed for copyright and union orchestra member reasons.

I got a little sunburn because the sun was passing beyond available shade, but I wanted to see Sheena Easton who had just arrived. She came out in jeans and sunglasses to rehearse "For Your Eyes Only". After two run throughs she was done and headed out. She still looks great, with long blonde hair now as opposed to the short 80's brunette cut.

There were a few high-ups from MGM sitting under an umbrella taking everything in. Wasn't sure there exact position with the studio, but knew they were probably somewhere in the upper ten. I'd been introduced to them briefly at the Warner rehearsal but didn't learn much else.

After rehearsal the conductor, John Mauceri, spoke with Laura about making some final sound changes, so we went back to Autonomy one last time for 3 hours. Then it was back home to shower and change into dress attire for the evening's performance. In between I stopped back at The Bowl box office to pick up my 20 (!) program books which had my credit in them, listed number two under Laura's.

Arrived at The Bowl around 6:45pm to find Laura and friends, plus several high-up's from Autonomy, in three box seat sections. Took a few pics, than sat for the much anticipated unveiling of our film and music opus.

An anticipatory editor awaits the fruits of his labors.

Moments before performance time.

The huge screen.

The view from our box.

The conductor came out and introduced what we would be seeing and hearing along with a few historical tidbits. A camera projected his image high above on the giant screen for all to see. Before the first, main MGM/UA montage rolled he gave thanks to 'the amazing Laura Gibson for which none of this would be possible'. We all applauded Laura who was extremely flattered.

Then the show began...

Words cannot describe the sensation of watching one's work in front of 14,000 people at The Hollywood Bowl. Stunning, breathtaking, awe inspiring...these are just a few. A roar of applause ended the first montage where the performance continued. Scenes from "Spellbound", "Legally Blonde", Moonstruck", "Some Like It Hot" rolled seamlessly with the power of the live orchestra flowing out over the crowd. The "Pink Panther" montage was met with much laughter and of course more applause at the end. Suddenly we were past intermission and it was time for the "De-Lovely" music video.

Before you knew it the finale was upon us, which would be the opening scene from "Tomorrow Never Dies" followed closely by the Bond montage played insync with the original signature theme. Once again the conductor turned to the audience, appearing on the giant screen, to do his usual intro. In summing up what we were about to see and hear, he again noted "the producing work of the amazing Laura Gibson........


I literally said right out loud "Oh My God!". The conductor had just said my name from the Bowl stage!! I was in shock. Aaaaaaahhhhhhh!!!!!

Then the opening scene from "Tomorrow Never Dies" came on and I was once again and even more riveted to the screen and performance. By the time the Bond montage began I was totally enraptured. As it finished the crowd erupted in cheers...

...and that's when I finally lost it. I put my hands over my face and wept.

This was my The Hollywood Bowl!!...everything hit me at once. The Autonomy people turned around to congratulate me and Laura responded, mirroring the amazement on my face at the mention of my name by John.

After two encores which of course included the 'surprise' entrance of Sheena Easton, the final number of the night began to roll; Judy Garland in "The Wizard Of Oz" singing "Over The Rainbow". I found myself joyfully and magically relating to the lyrics of the song, thinking about how far I'd come over the last several years.

Finally the lights came up and we all took a great big breath, relieved that everything had gone off without a hitch. Laura invited myself and her friend Penny backstage where she had to pick up the master tapes. Once there we saw John, the conductor, who I thanked for mentioning me. He said I had done a terrific job and deserved it.

Me, Hollywood Bowl Conductor John Mauceri, and Producer Laura Gibson, whom I've been working with for the last three months.

Another congratulations came from one of the MGM high-up's I'd met during rehearsals who shook my hand and said my work on this project was fantastic.

Later Laura told me that man was in fact the President of MGM! Wow # 2!!

A few complimentary comments were made by one of the Bowl liasons as we moved to the car. She said this of course would generate more work for the both of us. Something I was very aware of during the performance was that there'd be a lot of industry people present, enjoying the show and seeing my work...and hey you just never know. She also said to me 'I hope you realize you'll probably be working on this every year'. To which I humbly replied 'I certainly hope so'...of course I was thinking 'YOU DAMN RIGHT!!'.

As I left the parking lot I though about Steve Martin's line from "The Jerk" when he found his name listed in the phone book for the first time.

"Things are going to start happening to me now!"

...And then came Tuesday, the last actual day of work on The Bowl project. But that's Part 2...

Thursday, September 2, 2004

Revelry, Realization, and Relocation

Well here I am coming to the end of the Hollywood Bowl project. It's now 3 days until the performance and here's the latest...

We finally got feedback from MGM on Monday and so far there's been several changes. Most notably to the "Pink Panther" montage bacause they wanted to have Steve Martin's forthcoming Clouseau included (The new "Panther" opens next summer), yet couldn't decide whether we should here a line or two from him or just see some slapstick moments. After going back and forth a few times they decided we should hear Steve introduce himself. 98% of the montage, of course, is Peter Sellers.

We finished the "De-Lovely" music video, thanks to a reel of dailies from MGM featuring Robbie Williams' entire on-camera performance of the song for the movie (!). Previously we only had whatever they'd cut for the finished film. Now we were gods, having the ability to plop him in wherever we felt he was needed. Overall it looks a lot snappier and more like a true music video as opposed to seeming a little too much like a movie montage. We also received his isolated vocal tracks since the Bowl orchestra will be playing the song live.

Tomorrow we'll start laying the final sequences off to digibeta masters for the performance. This coming Saturday at 10am it's back to the Warner Brothers scoring stage on the lot for the first of two rehearsals with the LA Philharmonic. The second will be at The Hollywood Bowl itself where I'll get to come up on stage for a while.

They've been trying to line up a singer to perform one of their Bond tunes for the encore. Paul McCartney said no, Shirley Bassey wanted too much money, and they couldn't get a response from Nancy Sinatra. So...Sheena Easton will be singing "For Your Eyes Only" from the film of the same name. Undoubtedly I'll get to see her up close during the rehearsal at the Bowl where she will be on Sunday morning.

I'll be making sure to pick up a number of program books before the performance since my credit will be in it. I'll also be snapping a few pics whenever possible during the concert, of course not during the montage sequences because my eyes will be glued to the screen! All in all this promises to be an insanely amazing weekend!

Tuesday, Laura and I will reconvene to lay off the actual orchestra tracks onto the masters from Sunday's performance. This should only take a day. At that point she said I can run off anything I want for my reel...and you don't have to say that twice! Updating the reel is a major priority of mine. Of course now comes the realisation that I am not scheduled on anything immediately following this project. The real good news is I ran into the senior editor, Andy, who was talking with someone outside after work. I needed to check in about a possible beta deck problem, but also mentioned my strong interest in continuing with more projects. He smiled broadly stating he definitely wanted to meet with me later in the week about that. He also said that in between his own projects, he had a chance to catch one of the montages I had completed and thought it was amazing. Plus he was impressed there had only been a slight change to the opening of the "Cellular" promo and that I 'd done a great job with that as well.

My overall impression from this, as well as other very positive nods I've received for a job well done, is that they want to keep me around. Plus if there was an opening, a staff position may be presented to me. No promises, just a feeling I'm getting. If this does end up happening I would surely take it. Autonomy has a great overall atmosphere, the people are nice, in general it feels confortable. However the one thing I need to keep my eye on is the future. I've been trying to get in touch with Hammer Creative Advertising since last Monday to say 'hey, I'm open starting next week!'. Left a voice mail message, but other calls found my contact away from her desk. Gonna try again tomorrow. Just on the off chance Autonomy doesn't have anything immediately, I am perusing the editor and entertainment industry job sites online, and am about to get in touch with Tim at ipostini and Beth at Pongo to check in.

Overall I think I'll be hanging around Autonomy after The Bowl is done. BTW, I also spoke with a freelance sound editor we've been working with, Mike, who also says work doesn't seem to be slowing down one bit...which echos what Gina said two weeks ago.

Finally...after pretty much living in Woodland Hills for the past three months, I've come to the realisation that I never do anything here. Sure it's a really nice and confortable place. But whenever I go to the movies or shopping or what have you, it's always east of here; Sherman Oaks and Burbank. So I decided to give some of the eastern suburban sections of Burbank another look this past weekend. It's still reasonably far from the city so I don't feel too closed in, and the commute (for working in Hollywood proper) would only involve a short drive on the 101 freeway...overall about 1/3 the distance as opposed to the entire trip from where I am now which is 45 minutes in the morning. I did look through Burbank a bit last year, but am now finding a desire to be more centrally located to the industry and industry community. Burbank of course is where all the major studios are, quite a number of post houses, plus a lot of great stores, restaurants, and one giganticly amazing 16 plex movie theatre!...because it's Burbank of course. So at this point I can definitely say I'll be relocating there whenever the move occurs. Besides, for the time being there's an Extended Stay America in Burbank near the airport. Which, depending on my own work 'extended stay', I'll possibly be moving to next week. Why not start residing there as soon as possible!

More updates as we enter the weekend and performance time...