Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween...Back online

After a rocky period of moving into a new and better apartment in the same complex, I'm back. More details about this and work in the next post...

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Kirsten Dunst to play Debbie Harry

Hard to tell if this will be a good match. I think, as more than a few people do, that Charlize Theron would be a great choice. Only thing is she's just a bit tall for Debbie's small frame, which Kirsten equals. And I do love Kirsten and think she could surprise.

Flashback to Colonie Center, Albany, N.Y. 1979...

I can remember hanging out at the mall, playing pinball, and stopping by Record Town to buy Blondie's "Parallel Lines". It wasn't until a few spins later that I ended up liking the entire album. From there I was hooked. Also remember the first Debbie Harry button I use to wear on my jacket. My Mom thought was a little too risque. Of course that was before the poster of Debbie in the low cut white dress went up on my closet door.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

More Justice League bad news

Be afraid. Be very afraid. The Justice League movie may be going the route of "Superfriends". Read on. Don't mind that it says 'spoilers'. I take it as more of a warning to give this movie a wide berth.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Staff position on hold

The staff position they were looking to fill at Craig Murray Productions has been put on hold. So I was told when I finally got in touch with the woman who'd contacted me in the first place. Turns out they're not sure what will happen with the position, but if anything changes they'll get back in touch with me then.

One down.

Here's hoping that Trailer Park will come back with something my way since their job posting this past Tuesday. Although they did pull the ad from after only 24 hours. I'm hoping that's because they wanted to put a capper on the number of resumes they were receiving, and not because the position has already been filled.

In the meantime, I'm about to enter my 7th week of Court TV hell. Looks like this thing is going straight through the end of October. What can I say...glad at least for the continuous work. Still feeling pretty good about 'the next big thing' breaking through soon.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Trailer Park job opening!

Just a few hours after I mailed my 26 reels and resumes Tuesday morning, I was sent a link from that there was a job posting from Trailer Park! They're looking for an Avid / Final Cut Pro editor who has trailer, promo, and home entertainment experience (which of course I do) and 4 years professional experience (ditto +4 on that).

Wow, talk about timing!

So I sent a response e-mail, which automatically attaches my online resume, mentioning the coincidental mailing of an updated copy of my reel and resume just that morning. She should have received it today since the mail is pretty fast in this town. As a matter of fact everyone should have gotten their R&R's delivered by this afternoon.

If I end up working at Trailer Park, it goes without saying that this would be a major, major achievement in my career! Based on their creative and experience requirements, there's no reason why they wouldn't like me or my work.

Reels & resumes out the door

Tuesday morning I mailed a record number of reels and resumes to 26 post houses! Most of them trailer houses, including 10 places I just discovered through The Golden Trailer Awards web site!

Early in the year I bookmarked this page for future use, but did not see these new additions to the list until now. With this updated batch of R&R's going out I have a higher than normal outlook on getting some positive feedback. Especially with those two new, high end looking trailers on the reel.

Friday, October 5, 2007

Court TV...will it ever end?!

Still at Precision Post working on this damned Court TV branding reel. Today I went through a number of their regular shows looking for amazing footage that doesn't include cops, car chases, police takedowns, sirens, ambulances, or anything that looks harsh. So I'm suppose to replace that with what? These are today's client notes. They want the new TruTV name to carry more of a Discovery Channel feel. Yet it will still have all the same crappy reality shows! Once again I say yuck, yuck, and fucking yuck! But also again...I know, a steady paycheck. Needless to say I was a total clock watcher as we headed for the late afternoon. Big. Snooze. Job. At this point I'll be here through next week.

Still no word back from Craig Murray Productions about the possible staff position. They wanted to fill this thing in early October and that's where we're at now. We'll see.

"Blade Runner: The Final Cut" LA Screening

This final special edition premieres in New York and LA theaters today and I'll be heading to see it tomorrow night!

The movie's playing at one theater here, but surprisingly it's not a one night only showing. They have day-long showings through next week. Cool! I want to go Saturday to take advantage of the opening weekend audiences. The crowd of course has always been a major component to enjoying any classic film I see in town, and certainly the fans will be out in force. It's funny because there was no ramp up this week about the opening. I've known since earlier this year that they were going to have a theatrical release in the Fall before the DVD came out. However there's been nothing solid in the media about it until today.

Can't wait to see this up on the big screen again, and then....THE BRIEFCASE in December!

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Wonder Woman and Justice League of America movies

Jessica Biel has decided to opt out of being Wonder Woman in the JLA movie. To that I say good...she's just not right for the part.

I still do not agree with the fact that they want to start Wonder Woman in a Justice League movie and then have her spin off. STOP! We need a Wonder Woman stand alone movie FIRST! Of course Charisma Carpenter still seems to be best suited for the satin tights and gold bracelets. Eliza Dushku was a previous favorite of mine but I'm not sure she'd be the best choice now. Kate Beckinsale looks great but I'm not sure she would have that kind of Lynda Carter quality...and certainly EVERYONE in Hollywood is looking for that Lynda Carter component as well, which I think is a good thing. She doesn't have to be Carter straight up. But certainly retain some of the real charm and accessability Lynda brought to the role.

NO Angelina Jolie, NO Sarah Michelle Gellar, NO KATIE HOLMES!!! Does anybody like Rachel Weisz? Just came across a photo of her and thought...hmmmm. Rachel Bilson's ("The Last Kiss") name has popped up lately, but I think she's a little too young and little too small framed. Priyanka Chopra...too Bollywood. Morena Baccarin from "Firefly"...sorry, doesn't work. Evangeline Lilly from "Lost"; again the face is totally there...the body, not so much. Some photos of her look like she really needs to eat a sandwich. Of course training could change that some. Megan Fox from "Transformers"; the accessability factor just isn't there. A little too harsh looking. Lauren Graham from "Gilmore Girls"? There's definitely something there that could work. I'm just afraid after "Gilmore" it would be hard for audiences to not think of her cracking rapid fire one liners. Jill Hennessy from "Crossing Jordan"? O.K. the Lynda Carter vibe is DEFINITELY there! Lately I've been starting to think she need to move up to the top of the list next to Charisma.

What do you think? I've been blathering on too long.

And of course once again, I DON'T want to see Wonder Woman's big screen reappearance in the Justice League of America movie! LEAVE WONDER WOMAN ALONE! (sob, sob, sob)...oh sorry that was someone else. But hey, we all know how high my hopes are for the JLA flick. You can certainly tell by the pic above.