Monday, July 30, 2007

Hey, Where's Saturday and Sunday's Photo...?

By the time I ended up looking to post Saturday's photo of the day it was already Sunday morning. Since we were checking out then instead of Monday for work and financial reasons, the hotel had already shut down the internet.

So tonight I'll post the best of Saturday and Sunday combined followed by a Comic-Con wrap. And it's safe to say that "Iron Man" ruled the event.

Friday, July 27, 2007

Comic-Con Friday Photo of the Day: Me & J.J. Abrams

Today was absolutely amazing!

The "Blade Runner" 25th Anniversary panel included guests Ridley Scott, Sean Young, Joanna Cassidy, James Hong, Joe Turkel, and Syd Mead. They showed a new trailer for the theatrical release as well as a teaser for the big honkin' documentary that will be included on the DVD release. And the big news is that Harrison Ford IS a part of it! Ford who previously refused any involvement with promoting the film or subsequent re-releases is here in all his glory FINALLY!

Plus after I left that panel I began walking around the exhibit hall once more to try and catch up on shopping. Suddenly I came upon none other than J.J. Abrams, who asked for a photo with. Told him I'm really looking forward to the 1-18-08 monster movie as well as the new "Trek" film.

Again, no time to go into detail now...must sleep!! Tomorrow is "Iron Man" day with the special Marvel preview and autograph opportunities with Director Jon Favreau and Tony Stark himself, Robert Downey, Jr.!!

BTW, check out for the official video of Marion Ravenwood's unveiling yesterday! More tomorrow night!

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Comic-Con Thursday Photo of the Day: Marion Ravenwood is Back!

You all know the story...since I called everyone right after I got out of the Paramount preview at Comic-Con today! Most notably we're talking about the "Indy 4" portion of the line-up. They showed a live video 'hello' from Steven Speilberg, Harrison Ford (in costume!), Ray Winstone, and Shia Labeouf (also in costume) on the set of Indy 4. At the very end Spielberg announced they had one more surprise to show everyone, then stepped off camera for a second. When he returned he had a director's chair that had the name 'Marion Ravenwood' stitched on the back followed by Karen Allen who then sat in it! She waved hello saying it was great to be back with Harrison and the gang again. MARION RAVENWOOD HAS RETURNED! IT'S OFFICIAL! The one thing I really, really, really wanted for the new Indiana Jones movie!

Before Speilberg returned with the chair I was thinking, 'please bring out Karen Allen, please bring out Karen Allen, please bring out Karen Allen'...I literally got chills when he placed that chair and she came out. Could not stop smiling.

Now...all is right with my world.

I'm Here!!!

Comic-Con has begun at last!

My first Preview Night last night was insane. So many people! It felt like a Friday afternoon. So much cool stuff to take in and only three hours to get a taste. I'll be posting a Comic-Con photo of the day, taking the best of what I snap each day to initially share with you. Then of course I'll post the lot after the event is over.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

KO Creative Home

After working a few days at Precision Post this past week, I received a call from KO Creative asking what my availability was for the next few days. They also wanted to know what kind of system I had at home. Being that we both have the same exact version of Final Cut Pro, they asked if I would work on a project from home.

So for the last few days I've been cutting 30 second promos for the late 90's Showtime and Sci-Fi Channel series "Poltergeist: The Legacy". Wednesday I drove to KO so I could pick up a drive with two episodes to start cutting spots for. My Thursday and Friday commute to work was rough though. 20 steps from the bedroom to the Mac in the other room! God it took me a whole 6 or 7 seconds!!

At the end of each day I posted cuts to their surver for review and approval. Tomorrow morning (Monday) I'll be heading back to KO to pick up another drive with a third episode. That will have me working through Tuesday and then Wednesday it's off to Comic-Con. WOOHOO!

Still waiting to hear word on where I'll be working when I return. There had been talk of coming back to New Wave Entertainment to start on something new but I need to confirm that. Precision also called late this past week to ask if I was open for a good portion of August. I need to keep working so I'll be at one or the other.

I, of course, am hoping it's New Wave.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

A Nice Surprise

I was in a store yesterday and just happened to pick up a copy of the "Hannibal Rising" Unrated DVD. Mainly drawn because, of course, I worked on the behind the scenes pod entitled "Hannibal Lecter: The Original Of Evil" for the official website and wanted to see what they had for bonus material. To my surprise I discovered that the 30 minute FX Network version I also cut was included on the DVD! Wow, COOL! The 5 minutes on the official website is a cutdown of that half hour piece. Will definitely be buying it now!

1 Week Until Comic-Con!

Next week I'll be heading down to San Diego for the much anticipated Comic-Con 2007. There are a number of things I'm pumped about, most notably some major movie preview presentations.

"Iron Man", director Jon Favreau, and Tony Stark himself, Robert Downey Jr. are the ones to watch this year and completely top my list. The buzz is that they're going to show a full-on trailer or at least some extended clips. For me, this is THE most anticipated panel of the entire event and everything else revolves around it. This is during Saturday's Marvel Studios presentation which will also have "The Incredible Hulk" stars Edward Norton, Liv Tyler, Tim Roth, William Hurt, director Louis Leterrier and producers Avi Arad and Gale Anne Hurd on hand to hopefully show us something from the still in pre-production movie. This version of the comic will be jetisoning the Ang Lee film and moving closer to the Bill Bixby TV series, and that's absolutely the way to go.

Still waiting on some official last minute confirmation, but there is suppose to be a "Dark Knight" teaser trailer during the Warner Bros. presentation on Friday. Give us that first in-motion shot of Christian Bale in the new suit. Same goes for a rumored "Indy 4" teaser during Paramount's event on Thursday. Just wanna see that first glimpse of Harrison Ford in an actual clip. Even if it's just a three second head turn it'll be worth it! Two huge 'must-attend' previews for me as well.

Finally on the list is a special Warner Home Entertainment presentation previewing the 25th Anniversary theatrical re-release of "Blade Runner: The Final Cut". Director Ridley Scott, actors Sean Young, Joanna Cassidy, Joe Turkel, James Hong, and designer/futurist Syd Mead will have a Q&A session while showing deleted scenes and additional footage from this ultimate director's cut. After it's limited release in theaters this September (no doubt New York City and Los Angeles), the studio will be releasing a multi-disc DVD set encompass all versions: the original 1982, extended international, 1992 anniversary director's cut, and 2007 director's final cut. Plus a bevy of behind the scenes featurettes on every aspect of the film along with new interviews from probably just about everyone except Harrison Ford. He famously had a falling out with Ridley Scott on the set and has refused to involve himself with any previous home video release. A 25th Anniversary release...FINALLY! This is one movie that is long, long overdue for a special edition set. Now it's going to get it IN ABUNDANCE!

And let's not forget Kevin Smith! O.K. so he's not in the banner...but I gotta see him too!

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Celebration Europe Better Than C4?

I've been purusing the latest news from Celebration Europe, taking place this weekend in England.

First off I get an e-mail from Allen saying that Mark Hamill is scheduled to make an appearance there. Huh?...HEY! The guy lives in Los Angeles and he can't even have a stop by during C4. Oh but he can go all the way to England! Give me a break. There's an aritcle in The Sun about he and David Prouse reuniting at CE for the first time since "Jedi". You can check it out here.

Then comes something that goes in my "missed opportunity" column that the Brits received in all it's glory. During the opening ceremonies for the event guess what they ran for a finale? "Star Wars"! Not all 6 movies, just the first one! Why the hell couldn't they have done that here?!!! And they got it on a giant outdoor screen. Jeez!!! Here are some pics.

For those of you who went to Celebration IV, you've probably received a survey. Don't side step this as an after the fact follow up that's optional. Check question 20 which reads:

"If Celebration V is held in the spring of 2009, but is not held within driving distance of your city, how likely is it that you would attend?"

The internet is already abuzz with what this potentially means; they're already gearing up for the next one! Yay!!

Question 23 asks: "What kind of merchandise would you like to see at the Celebration Store?"

Not what you WANTED, past tense, but WOULD LIKE. Bill, start saving money!

Friday, July 13, 2007

Hat? Check. Jacket? Check. Bullwhip? Check.

Check out this new behind the scenes clip of Harrison Ford preparing to shoot a scene for "Indy 4"...

I love the way they're presenting these brief peeks; no music, no fluff, no overblown punch. Just three guys shooting a movie the way you'd see it if you were actually there.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

My Mini: Complete!

Check out the link to your right for more photos of my MINI, now complete with all her accessories as originally ordered. These include the Union Jack interior rear view mirror cap and Union Jack license plate frame. When you get to my Flickr page just click on the set called, "My Mini: Complete". There are also several interior shots showing off her inner beauty as well.

Hey, what can I say...I love My Baby! Plus they'll be another photo set coming soon. Something I wanted to do from the start.

New Wave Entertainment Report Card: Straight A's!

After the call came in during C4 that they had another project for me at New Wave, I ended up working on three in a row during the month of June and ending just this past week! WOW!

I started with the 20th Anniversary DVD for "Poltergeist", swinging right into two different pieces for the "Star Trek: The Original Series" HD DVD set. Unfortunately I can't exactly talk about the specific content of these. Suffice to say it's some pretty cool stuff.

This past Friday was my last day on the "Trek" project. The workflow is slowing just a bit for the next two weeks so therefore I won't be needed. I'd heard in advance that Sam, one of the post production coordinators, always kept work tight with staff editors and only brought in freelancers when it was absolutely necessary. Mainly for budgetary reasons.

But here is the best news of all.

I've been hearing some great feedback about me and my creative abilities from the producers I've worked with, which is fantastic to hear. This is just that much sweeter because of where I am now. On the "Trek" project there were two assistant producers and two senior producers. This is how the process goes at New Wave I am learning. The assistants work with the editor to get him or her all the materials needed and guide the first rough cut through the early stages. Once the project is on it's way, the senior producer or producers come by the edit bay to check on the progress. Mainly I'm left on my own most of the time to cut.

Anyway, I learned that during a meeting the week before, Sam inquired about editor status and work flow on several projects these producers were overseeing. All four of them commented strongly that they really liked me and loved my work. It goes without saying that this continued praise from producers at New Wave is so very important and will keep me coming back more in the future. I had already mentioned to Sam as well as the producers for "Poltergeist" and "Trek" that I was not only interested in coming back for more, but that I'd even be open to a long term position. Dale, another post coordinator, came by my edit bay Friday afternoon to check in. She said they were looking to bring me back in around the beginning of August to work on Season 2 of the "Star Trek" original series HD DVD. This would ultimately depend on scheduling for the project, she added. From there they'd probably be looking to keep me around on a permalance basis. This is so I can work with more producers to make sure I play well with others. And from what I gather, at that point a determination about a possible staff position, if available, would be made.

This was not spelled out exactly to me. But right now it certainly sounds like I'm being tested for a potential long term position with New Wave...and I couldn't be happier!! On top of all of this, it was mentioned to me Friday that another editor is about to leave the company. Apparently they're not looking to fill that person's position right away. But it's certainly great to hear that there could be a specific opening for me.

And so it goes...