Sunday, July 22, 2007

KO Creative Home

After working a few days at Precision Post this past week, I received a call from KO Creative asking what my availability was for the next few days. They also wanted to know what kind of system I had at home. Being that we both have the same exact version of Final Cut Pro, they asked if I would work on a project from home.

So for the last few days I've been cutting 30 second promos for the late 90's Showtime and Sci-Fi Channel series "Poltergeist: The Legacy". Wednesday I drove to KO so I could pick up a drive with two episodes to start cutting spots for. My Thursday and Friday commute to work was rough though. 20 steps from the bedroom to the Mac in the other room! God it took me a whole 6 or 7 seconds!!

At the end of each day I posted cuts to their surver for review and approval. Tomorrow morning (Monday) I'll be heading back to KO to pick up another drive with a third episode. That will have me working through Tuesday and then Wednesday it's off to Comic-Con. WOOHOO!

Still waiting to hear word on where I'll be working when I return. There had been talk of coming back to New Wave Entertainment to start on something new but I need to confirm that. Precision also called late this past week to ask if I was open for a good portion of August. I need to keep working so I'll be at one or the other.

I, of course, am hoping it's New Wave.


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