Tuesday, July 17, 2007

1 Week Until Comic-Con!

Next week I'll be heading down to San Diego for the much anticipated Comic-Con 2007. There are a number of things I'm pumped about, most notably some major movie preview presentations.

"Iron Man", director Jon Favreau, and Tony Stark himself, Robert Downey Jr. are the ones to watch this year and completely top my list. The buzz is that they're going to show a full-on trailer or at least some extended clips. For me, this is THE most anticipated panel of the entire event and everything else revolves around it. This is during Saturday's Marvel Studios presentation which will also have "The Incredible Hulk" stars Edward Norton, Liv Tyler, Tim Roth, William Hurt, director Louis Leterrier and producers Avi Arad and Gale Anne Hurd on hand to hopefully show us something from the still in pre-production movie. This version of the comic will be jetisoning the Ang Lee film and moving closer to the Bill Bixby TV series, and that's absolutely the way to go.

Still waiting on some official last minute confirmation, but there is suppose to be a "Dark Knight" teaser trailer during the Warner Bros. presentation on Friday. Give us that first in-motion shot of Christian Bale in the new suit. Same goes for a rumored "Indy 4" teaser during Paramount's event on Thursday. Just wanna see that first glimpse of Harrison Ford in an actual clip. Even if it's just a three second head turn it'll be worth it! Two huge 'must-attend' previews for me as well.

Finally on the list is a special Warner Home Entertainment presentation previewing the 25th Anniversary theatrical re-release of "Blade Runner: The Final Cut". Director Ridley Scott, actors Sean Young, Joanna Cassidy, Joe Turkel, James Hong, and designer/futurist Syd Mead will have a Q&A session while showing deleted scenes and additional footage from this ultimate director's cut. After it's limited release in theaters this September (no doubt New York City and Los Angeles), the studio will be releasing a multi-disc DVD set encompass all versions: the original 1982, extended international, 1992 anniversary director's cut, and 2007 director's final cut. Plus a bevy of behind the scenes featurettes on every aspect of the film along with new interviews from probably just about everyone except Harrison Ford. He famously had a falling out with Ridley Scott on the set and has refused to involve himself with any previous home video release. A 25th Anniversary release...FINALLY! This is one movie that is long, long overdue for a special edition set. Now it's going to get it IN ABUNDANCE!

And let's not forget Kevin Smith! O.K. so he's not in the banner...but I gotta see him too!


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