Tuesday, March 30, 2004

Just received a call from ipostini...

Thye want me to help cut an expanded recap for the first season of Showtime's "The 'L' Word". The show's editor will pick out select scenes while I put my creative spin on the flow of it all. Job starts at the end of this week so it's time to gear up for another trip to LA. Once again I'll try and pull in projects from other companies along the way to hopefully make this a longer stay.

Must buy portable DVD player! I had picked one up for a few plane trips previously, returning it on the other end. But would really like to get one permanently. They're only $200 now too. Last trip was a breeze time-wise because I watched two movies. Reading and listening to music is great, but that only goes so far on a 5+ hour flight.

Sunday, March 28, 2004

Got a call last week from Autonomy (link under 'in the wings'). I'd dropped off my reel and resume last August and received an e-mail response after a few follow up calls.

Gina, my contact there, said they would be needing freelance editors at some point, and for me to make sure I kept bugging her. After several months of e-mailing, with timely responses I might add, I finally received a call from her this past Tuesday asking what my schedule was like for the next few weeks. Things are getting busy and they want to line up editors now. So at this point I suspect they'll be calling sometime next week to book me.

In the meantime, my first job with ipostini a couple of weeks ago went really, really well. Tim King, who runs the company, had e-mailed me after seeing work I'd done for Film Rite Entertainment. Film Rite was housed at ipostini while I was cutting a couple of trailers there. They've since moved to other facilities.

ipostini is a boutique, which means it's a smaller post house. Boutiques usually have only a few staff people; maybe one or two editors. Most of the people who work there are freelancers. This of course cuts down on regular cost. Other places like Aspect Ratio are company post houses. They have a number of staff editors and book freelancers when there is overage, which often occurs. The level of high profile clients can be the same at both types. It's merely the size of the operation that's


Tim wanted me to cut a couple of trailers for Showtime. ipostini does a lot of long form projects which includes feature films and currently Showtime's "The 'L' Word". Now they want to move towards more trailer and promo work. Tim just said go ahead and make my first cut without direction to see what I came up with. This of course is what I love the most! Working with a major or minor amount of direction is fine as well...but writing and cutting the trailer on my own I take personal pride and joy in.

He loved what I came up with, needing only one minor change. Now he wants to schedule me for more trailer work, as well as a behind-the-scenes special they are doing on a feature film that has just wrapped. So once again, the phone should be ringing next week to book me in on that. Tim was great to work with, and I think this will be a great place to frequent.

Finally in '04, work has begun...!

Friday, March 26, 2004

Good morning Mr. and Mrs. America and all the editors at sea...!

Well here is my first posting on my first blog. As I said in my message, whenever we talk on the phone or via e-mail the conversation ultimately comes to how things are going in LA. So this is a way of conveying that on a regular basis, as well as just setting down this journey that still amazes me.

How did I get here?! I thought about that the other day, and probably at least once a month. I don't think the enormity of it will sink in until I've actually migrated to the west coast.

Every time I'm out there I find myself stopped in my tracks with the thought 'My God this is Hollywood...and I WORK here!!!'.

The 'links' to your right are as follows:

'post houses' - places I currently freelance for on a regular basis. I've just started doing work for ipostini, so that is the newest addition. Unfortunately Film Rite Entertainment (where I've cut a couple of trailers) doesn't have a web site yet, hence no link.

'recent interviews' - do I have to explain this one?!

'in the wings' - houses that I am poised to begin working for shortly, in lieu of available work for a new editor.

'photos' - leads to my laeditor.freeservers.com site. At the moment there are still pics from last fall. Shortly I'll be having new photos on this site here.

And with that little introduction said, the Editor's Adventure is just beginning...