Friday, September 14, 2012 is about to make a major migration, get a radical makeover and acquire a new name!

Over the course of the past month I've discovered that it's so much easier to post my usual trailer project updates, movie screening / Q&A rundowns, reviews, anniversary acknowledgments, location photos, pop culture rants and general comments about life in LA on the Facebook version of this site.

Because all that noise is going to primarily be happening there, this website will soon transform to more of a visual portal; a creative platform for blending imagery of the movies I love, the actors and characters on the big screen and filmmakers behind the camera I admire, and of course what inspires my work in the film industry.

I also learned through eight years of posting on this site that I really enjoy writing; to envision, to chronicle, to praise, to respond, to stand up, to go off, to cherish, to remember, to look ahead, to dream....and yes, to sometimes put shit in it's place! No pretense or false 'ownership' here.

The name of this site is also about to change. LA Filmcutter is about to become...

'Living in a Trailer'

No, not literally! Just a spin on a common phrase meaning to be broke and residing in a trailer park. Here it equates with my life now in trailers and quite the opposite of that misfortune. Inhabiting the work I do, completely immersing in a given project because you really have to. Plus, this time and place in my career envelopes a HUGE chunk of my life. Perhaps more than I originally imagined, but not in a bad way. Sometimes it does feel like I live here at In Sync.

The domain name is going to change as well. Here's the new address:

This conversion will be happening full-on at the beginning of next week so stay tuned and bookmark now.

So there ya go. If you're new here or have been around for awhile, THANK YOU!!! I sincerely appreciate sharing the interactive ride with like-minded people!