Thursday, November 25, 2004

Happy Thanksgiving!

Yes I am indeed home and still struggling to get in bed before 3am, which of course is really midnight pacific time. Body just doesn't seem to want to conform. Leaving LA and coming home was very strange. I seem to be having more of a decompression issue due to my extended stay through the summer and fall. It's taken a few days but I've finally settled in.

Today I raided the grocery store to pick up multiple bags of M&M's, brownie bites, and plenty of milk to chase them down with...since we are now officially into the Holiday season. Woohoo! Will more than likely be putting the Christmas tree up either this weekend or at least by Wednesday the 1st of December.

I KNEW IT!!!!!!!!!....

Oliver Stone's "Alexander" is being panned far and wide!! I was SOOO damned tired of seeing that trailer in front of EVERY movie! I like Colin Farrell but this was just bad casting. No more sword and sandal stories where the lead actors are all WASP's! No more movies where an army of archers let their arrows loose simultaniously during a battle scene! No more 'trying-to-cash-in-on-Lord-Of-The-Rings' epics! Now if SpongeBob SquarePants was in "Alexander" it would have ruled.

I realized this week would probably be a moot point regarding that conversation with Rick at Autonomy, what with the holiday and all. Next week will more likely be a better target. I'm just letting everything fall into place on it's own at this point. I can't sweat when 'The Big Red Buttons' will be pushed. They'll be pushed when they're pushed and not a moment pass the M&M's and crank up the DVD's!

Friday, November 19, 2004

1 Day...

So here's the situation...

Went in to Autonomy today to pick up my check. Rick could not see me because he was a bit distraught over the whole emergency room situation with his friend yesterday...totally understandable. So therefore I was unable to speak with him about the staff position.

I am at the point now where I MUST come home. This is primarily dictated by money. What's in my pocket for the Holidays, STAYS in my pocket! I asked Gina if Rick would be up for doing this meeting by phone and the reply was 'yes, absolutely'. Since we know each other from my working there throughout the summer and fall, he would not require we do this in person. Good news there which means I can leave tomorrow as planned. The only thing is I was hoping to get some final word on my start date before boarding that plane tomorrow. I'm sure I'll be speaking with him next week or the following and all of this will work out just fine. It's just that my return trip after the Holidays hinges on when I will begin.

Make sense? Good.

Thursday, November 18, 2004

2 Days...

Gina called to cancel my meeting with Rick today. Seems he had to take a friend to the emergency room. She said he would call tomorrow to reschedule. I totally understood, but...

Cut to clock on wall: Tick, tock, tick, tock, tick, tock...

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

3 Days...

Meeting with Rick at Autonomy is now scheduled for tomorrow at 4:00pm.

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

4 Days and Counting...

Spoke to Rick at Autonomy today who asked that I call in the morning to schedule that staff position meeting. He said it would either be tomorrow or Thursday. Then I'll pick my check up on Friday and fly out on Saturday. Yesterday Gina called to schedule me for three days this week, but unfortunately had to cancel because the project was more graphics oriented.

Was having lunch in Quizno's today when suddenly I noticed the older gentleman ordering food at the counter was actor Paul Dooley. Since he was only having soup I knew my time was short to say something. I walked up to his table and said I enjoyed his work and that I was a fan of "Sixteen Candles" (he played Molly Ringwald's father). He thanked me and said he was amazed that the film has become such a perennial hit. I didn't get his autograph because I had nothing to write on or with. I was just happy to have said 'hello'.

Friday, November 12, 2004

20 Years Ago, In A Movie Theater Far, Far Away...

Being the anniversary whore I've always been, I wanted to acknowledge this before we got too far away (reasonably) from the original release dates. Is it really possible that these three standout movies of our youth are celebrating their 20th Anniversary this year? I'm sorry but I just don't feel that old!

And yes it was also the year Prince rode a purple motorbike, Molly Ringwald yearned for love on her sixteenth birthday, Tom Hanks fell in love with a mermaid, Gizmo was accidentally fed after midnight, Kevin Bacon danced around a conservative small town, Kirk and company broke the rules to go after Spock, Eddie Murphy tracked a killer in Beverly Hills, and Indiana Jones could have been in a better follow up to "Raiders Of The Lost Ark". It was also the year the 2nd computer animated film in history (after "Tron") was released. People never seem to remember the #2's...just ask Gus Grissom. I'll leave the guessing up to you...

Thursday, November 11, 2004

Cut A Little Short...

The scheduled week long gig I started at Autonomy Tuesday morning has finished early. Essentially a commercial for Covergirl, the client was very happy with each cut of the three spots I did after a music cue needed to be changed. By end of day the producer I worked with (on this and several other projects since the end of The Bowl) commented, 'we need to get you in here full time'. Obviously the word is spreading. Still looking to fill out the rest of the month with other projects, but money is dictating a speedy exit next Tuesday.

I can hear Johnny Mathis singing "I'll Be Home For Christmas" now...

That First Trip

2 years ago today was my first full day in LA; that virginal plane trip followed by a week of interviews and wonderous exploration. It's amazing how much has happened since then.

Why, why, WHY must they do this to me when it's nearing time to leave! Aaaahhhhh!!!!! If I can keep working until then it's possible. The only thing that disappoints me is the first show is already sold out. Thanks for the tip, Dave! See what happens when I blink for a moment!

Tuesday, November 9, 2004

Christmas Is Mine!!!!!

"Mine! It's mine!! Down, down, down, go, go, go, mine, mine, mine!!!!!"

Although it won't be until the beginning of next week before I speak with the President of Autonomy, Gina confirmed my hope that they would NOT need me to start immediately. More than likely it would be sometime in January from the look of things, she said. Woohoo!!! December and The Holidays are all mine!! Details on the meeting I am told will include the start date, salary, and benefits (wow, what are those?).

Last night I went to bed feeling a little stressed about how all of this would work out. Then I said to myself, "everything will be fine in the end, you just need more faith"...and now this part of the journey has steered exactly where I prayed it would. My Christmas wish and New Year's resolution this year will be to find and keep Faith. How many times has Faith brought me great gifts...and yet I still become very stubborn about wrapping my arms around it. This must change if things are going to keep moving forward.

Departure time is now scheduled for Saturday the 20th. But if the current project wraps by Monday (very likely) and if that meeting happens at the beginning of next week, that date could change to Wednesday, the 16th. Again I say if there is more work to be had at Autonomy next week, of course I'll stick around.

On a final note, I was bumped from the edit suite for 45 minutes today because another project needed to be mastered. So I took a walk up three blocks to Mann's Chinese Theatre. There was some big crowd of 20-something's all gathered in the main courtyard to be captured by a camera crew following them around. Turns out they were the new group of "American Idol" hopefuls. Now why did I pick today to leave that 9mm UZI at home! I could have saved the American viewing public meaningless pain and suffering in just a few short moments! Damnit! ;)

Sunday, November 7, 2004

Almost Official and The "Incredible" Teaser

Word has come down from on high...the President of Autonomy called late Thursday to ask if I could meet with him regarding the staff editor position. When I returned his call on Friday it turned out he was a bit busy but wanted to meet sometime that afternoon. Unfortunately his schedule didn't let up for the remainder of the day, so it looks like I'll have to wait until he returns from an out of town trip next week. I know this is essentially to make it official, I'm just anxious for the details.

Gina (Autonomy) sent an e-mail Friday to book me on a week long project starting this Tuesday and running through the following Monday. Wording in her message made it clear that this was a freelance gig. This leads me to believe the start date on the staff position may not be immediate...which of course is what I'm very much leaning toward. Maybe they're factoring in the December down time as well. When I go in on Tuesday I'll bend Gina's ear to find out what the game plan is. Keeping my fingers crossed to retain as much of December and Christmas as possible. Of course work this week changes my recent plans to head back East sooner. I'll make a decision after this project is complete and am still assuming the end of November will be exit time for me. Hey I've got a date with eggnog, M&M brownies, and snow!...I intend to fulfill that destiny. ;)...provided it absolutely will NOT jeopardize the forthcoming staff position.

Nothing materialized on the Pauly Shore front so I'm considering that a moot point. Still no second follow up call from Make It Happen but I'm not sweating that at the moment.

And yes, I went to see "The Incredibles" Friday night with the first teaser trailer for "Return Of The Sith" attached. 'Wow' is a good initial word to use but I need to view it a few times to take everything in. So much went by so fast I was only able to retain a few scant images. Most notably a shot of Luke from the first movie walking out to see the twin suns set and Obi Wan (Sir Alec Guinness) recanting the tale of the Jedi's demise and rise of the Empire. Very, very nice! Padme with Leia buns...very interesting. Vader rising with James Earl Jones' voice...very cool! I'll leave the rest for your own personal viewing pleasure. The teaser makes it's online debut Monday for FREE...none of this Hyperspace(tm) pre-pay crap on the official site!

"The Incredibles" was great. In a way it didn't quite go in the direction I expected, but was still a lot of fun. Not as many pop culture references as I would have expected. There was a very obscure nod to Kevin Smith's "Mallrats" which I got right away but may have flown by many mainstream folk in the audience. Great cast (especially Edna, the superhero suit designer), amazing action sequences, and a hilariously satisfying scene involving the baby of the family. I definitely enjoyed it but was not gleefully saying "that was fantastic!" as I left the theater. Think a second go around will find me appreciating the film more for what it is.

Thursday, November 4, 2004

Some Listings and Departure Moved Up

A couple of listings of note. A one year old company called Petrol Advertising listed an opening for a Final Cut Pro editor. Looks like they do trailers as well as movie graphic design and gaming content. There's also a company called 'DMM' that's looking for a theatrical trailer and television spot editor. Both now have my info.

For financial reasons I must now move my departure date up to November 16. It could even change to a week from now. After that I'd have to start dipping into the Holiday stash I've so nicely and miserly put aside...'not gonna happen, stay the course'. It's amazing, I'm looking forward to the Holidays so much I found myself listening to a couple of Christmas songs yesterday.

Now I really want to see Bush do something completely and totally idiotic. I'm talking about the draft. Not that I agree with having one, NO WAY!...just a little something that will really enrage the public. Then I can sit back and have a good laugh at the expense of the morons who voted for him. Michael Moore's site now only has a photo montage of Bush made up of faces belonging to those killed in Iraq. A lot of folks are reacting as though there's been a death in the family. BUT HEY, FAMILY VALUES ARE SECURE!! "That's right, Martha! We can have shows like 'Queer Eye For The Straight Guy' be wildly popular on that there TV, but don't let them pole smokers get married!! Not in my state!!". Thank you, Billy Bob. I'm glad you think your sister has a pretty mouth.

Family Values...That will certainly shelter us from whatever horrors face our troops in Iraq and whatever deadly terrorist attacks head our way, right?

Insert 'GIANT LOL' here...

Wednesday, November 3, 2004

Oh wait, maybe I phrased that wrong...I forgot to use words like 'idiot, moron, simpleton, dullard, dullhead, dumbbell, dummkopf, dummy, ignoramus, stupid, half-wit, imbecile, jackass, jerk, nincompoop, and yes, shithead'!!


Now...this is what will happen because George W. Bush is staying put for four more grueling years :

- Another huge terrorist attack will rock this country, maybe even bigger than 9/11.

- Thousands more troops will die horribly in Iraq for oil and the rallying call of our valiant President; "Hey, he threatened my Dad!!!".

- Those would-be assassins out there who have been cleaning their guns or rifles since earlier this year, waiting to see if Bush would be re-elected, are now preparing and thinking to themselves, "This is it!".

As I sit here watching Bush come out on stage at the Reagan Center to give his victory speech, I feel very much like I want to throw up. In a sense, people in this country have signed their death warrant. When any of the above mentioned events occur my response to people will be 'hey, you conservative morons voted for Bush! Here's a bar of soap to go along with your blood bath'. If you think this country is hated now...wait a year, or two, or three, or four. The damage this guy has done and will continue to do will take repair!

More thoughts soon, since I am in total shock at the moment.

(I'm a Bush-hating film editor and I approved this message)