Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Wednesday has come and almost gone and there's still no call back from Trailer Park for an interview this week. Hello?!!

Elisabeth Sladen tribute update

Just learned that not only will there be a dedication at the beginning of the "Doctor Who" episode 'The Impossible Astronaut' this coming Saturday, but a 15 minute tribute will immediately follow the show.

Tom Baker on Elisabeth Sladen's death

Here on his official website you can read Tom Baker's reaction to Elisabeth Sladen's passing. Several people who'd worked with her on the new and old show have commented (including David Tennant and Matt Smith), but it was Baker's I was anticipating the most. Being that they worked together so closely for so many years on the programme.

I've been wanting to go back and watch many of the forth Doctor's adventures with Sarah Jane, and now I have even more reason to. Hoping there's some kind of tribute when the second half of the current series premieres this coming Saturday.


Just received a call from Laura, the producer working on the Blake Edwards tribute, and she has confirmed that I'll definitely be needed for the two days at the beginning of May to work on the project.

As mentioned, I'll cut the tribute together on day one, then Julie Andrews will join us on day two to watch the piece and possibly give notes. I am certainly looking forward to the opportunity of meeting Ms. Andrews(!) as well as working with Laura once again since our collaboration on two Hollywood Bowl performances six and seven years ago, respectively.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Sarah Jane and The Doctor

Great photo of Elisabeth Sladen and David Tennant during the filming of her guest starring episode in Series 2. You can see how beautiful she continued to look, this pic snapped in her late 50s. I was very excited when I learned she'd be returning the the new show as my interest in "Doctor Who" came full circle this past January. Her adventure with the Doctor was juxtaposition with meeting and coming to understand Rose Tyler, at the time the current companion who wondered if she'd be left behind in the end as well. Rose holds a unique position in "DW" fan appreciation as one of the most highly regarded companions alongside Sarah Jane. Just wanted to share.

Elisabeth Sladen dies at age 63

The world has lost an actress who portrayed one of the most revered "Doctor Who" companions.

Elisabeth Sladen played Sarah Jane Smith initially through two incarnations of the Doctor; Jon Pertwee and iconically alongside Tom Baker. Years later she would appear alongside the 10th Doctor, David Tennant, in a triumphant return to the character. Since that time she starred in her own spin-off series, "The Sarah Jane Adventures", spearheaded by then head writer of the newly revitalized "Doctor Who" programme, Russell T. Davies.

Elisabeth had been battling cancer for some time, finally losing it this day at age 63. Many have commented over the years what a wonderful and cheeky woman she really was, and Davies paid tribute to her this afternoon with these phoned comments made to the BBC.

She has always been and will always be one the most popular personalities on the iconic Brit show, and her passing seems to have come much too early in life. So vibrant and beautiful into her 60s, may she rest in peace. Her passing comes almost two months to the day of Nicholas Courtney's death in February. He of course played the Brigadier on "Doctor Who". This photo is probably one of the best ways she'll be remembered; battling aliens and roaming the universe with Tom Baker's Doctor during the 70s.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Weekend work and a great opportunity with a past connection

Working all weekend at Happy Hour Creative. Tight turnaround on this project I'm cutting for Summit Entertainment.

Aside from the breakthrough news about my upcoming interview with Trailer Park, I received an e-mail from Laura, the producer I worked with on two Hollywood Bowl performances. We'd been in touch off and on over these past 5 or 6 years. She wanted to let me know that the "Pink Panther" montage I cut for one of the Bowl performances was shown at a DGA tribute to director Blake Edwards recently and received a great response. She also wanted to find out my availability for a two day project she might need me for.

Turns out one of the speakers at the tribute, of course, was Julie Andrews who had been married to Edwards for the past 40 years. During the tribute, a series of cameras recorded the event for later assemblage. Andrews approached Laura about putting together this footage to make several DVDs for herself and her family. So in turn Laura contacted me since I'd been the one who cut the "Pink Panther" montage everyone loved.

Just one thing; the editor who put together some other material for the Edwards tribute may not be available to cut this special project because he may be busy on something else. Ultimately he's first choice on this, although Laura won't know until the beginning of the week. So everything is tentative for the next couple of days.

If I do in fact work on the project, we would assemble the entire show on Wednesday, May 4. Then, on Thursday, May 5, Julie Andrews herself will come by to look at the piece and perhaps offer some tweeks. Then we'll burn everything to several DVDs for her to take. In other words, I may very well be working with Julie Andrews directly in a few weeks! YES, I intend to take a photo with her!

This year is getting better all the time!

Friday, April 15, 2011


I am SO amazingly happy right now!!! Just received a call from Trailer Park, of course one of THE top trailer houses and a place I've been repeatedly trying to get into since 2002!!!

O.K. wait, first the recap; two weeks ago I sent out my regular mass e-mailing of now 63 houses I have yet to work with. One of those is Trailer Park. About a year and half ago I was directly referred to two key contacts there by someone I've worked for and who has worked with them, adding more umpf to my actually getting in the door. Immediately after I e-mailed my pro-site link, I saw a call for editors on their site that had been posted four days earlier! I immediately sent my resume and link to the prescribed e-mail. Keeping my fingers tightly crossed, I waited and hoped for the phone to ring or a message to come in that they wanted an interview with me.


The woman I spoke with asked what my availability was for later this month and going into May. Of course right now I'm working on a project with Happy Hour, but look to that time as a very good opportunity to swing from here to there. I informed her of my schedule and she asked if I'd be available for an interview next week, which of course I can be. So she's going to call next week to arrange a bona fide interview AND to work out when I could come in to start a project!! HOLY SHIT, BATMAN!!!

BTW, this call came from their ad seeking editors. Although it is possible those two key contacts there had a hand in my selection. I should find out soon. Oh my Christ, I am so thankful right now! BIG does not even encompass the size of this moment!

Click on their logo to go to the site.

"Rise of the Planet of the Apes" teaser trailer

Just saw the first teaser trailer for "Rise of the Planet of the Apes" yesterday morning. So far I like what they're doing with it. Can't say that I'm super excited, but definitely eager to see more.

The one thing I wonder about is how are the apes, starting a rebellion solely based in the San Francisco area, going to secure any kind of foothold on supremacy by the end of the movie? Certainly the police or military would be called in the quell the situation. Of course in the original franchise, apes began as pets then turned into slaves pretty much worldwide. A planetary revolution is much more all encompassing.

Another question that came up as I was discussing this with Allen yesterday; will Caesar speak by the end of the film? I think it would be very cool if there was a climactic scene where the apes had a standoff with police (or some human force) trying to communicate with them to stand down. In reply, Caesar's first word would be a very stern 'no'...which is the iconic word spoken to apes time and time again in the original, foretold by Cornelius in "Escape" that one day an ape said 'no' to his human masters. That would totally honor the classic series and make for a very satisfying connection!

All the buzz over "Rise" this week has made me want to watch "Conquest" again, so I'll be screening it in the 10th Box over the weekend. I was just reading about the unrated cut that's on the Blu-ray from 2008. Not having ventured into that format quite yet, I still haven't witnessed what I'm learning is a much more violent and darker version, even negating the storyline of "Battle for the Planet of the Apes" due to it's original 'kill the humans' ending before the studio felt it was too harsh.

I posted this once before, but here again is that original conclusion...

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Just revealed....first trailer for "Rise of the Planet of the Apes" tomorrow on and iTunes....BE THERE!!

Happy Hour work confirmation and return!

Happy Hour Creative called over this past weekend to confirm that they'd definitely need me to start on Wednesday. So here I am at HHC right now working on a new project. Word is that I'll be around for at least a full month. Although with the way these things have usually panned out, that certainly could balloon as the month progresses.

My interview with Bonch last week went really well. Was there for a little over an hour actually. Small boutique house. Turns out they're cutting more music videos these days with the occasional commercial. The last project they've just completed was a music video for Katy Perry. A follow-up e-mail I received later in the day from them was very positive and said they'd be in touch 'very soon'.

As of right now I've only received 11 responses to all the e-mailed links I sent out. So there's still 52 houses I haven't heard from. Still hoping for a response from Trailer Park about that call for editors they posted on their site.

In the meantime, I am very grateful to be back working with Happy Hour once again. Not only have I been cutting some cool projects here, but they really have been my bread and butter for the last year.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

"Doctor Who" Series Three

Just finished Series Three of "Doctor Who" which came to an incredibly emotional end. For those who maybe haven't seen it yet, stop reading now!

David Tenant's first series as The Doctor raised the anti perfectly from where Christopher Eccleston left off. But the climax of this particular series would be the end of Rose's story. And it was absolutely a no-holds-barred finale! The original show certainly had it's share of great cliffhangers and climactic series enders. But the stakes have been raised to such perfectly pitched heights.

Once again I will say that former head writer Russell T. Davies knows, loves and honors his Doctor Who with such high regard, taking The Doctor's relationships with companions to a more equal place. Even portraying feelings of love and a deeper bond that, at times, bring the stories to an emotional peak without tipping the original shows sensibilities; The Doctor is a traveller who will always be wandering the stars and could never settle down.

Now at the end of Series Three, a long-thought-lost arch enemy at last rears his head in one of the most anticipated moments of the show...the return of The Master! I knew he'd be returning from some bits and pieces of info I was hearing. But the question in my mind would still be how and why. The final three episodes of Series Three brought everything to a very intense head, making you wonder from moment to moment how all of this could possibly be resolved without casualties and devastating change. Amazing, incredibly multi-layered, intense and very emotional!

Once again the show ties into the past The Doctor and The Master have shared over the years without alienating newer fans. I love that they've infused The Master with a more animated personality and dark humor. Anthony Ainley's Master from the Tom Baker and Peter Davison years was certainly my favorite, and I'd like to see more of Roger Delgado's version from the Patrick Troughton / Jon Pertwee years. But John Simm has wonderfully brought Doctor Who's Moriarty-like nemesis to the 21st Century table. And even though (spoiler alert!) we will hopefully see The Master return again soon, I've seen some hints that Simm will in fact be back!

Companion Martha Jones (as played by Freema Agyeman) resonates in her own way as The Doctor's Series Three companion, even though some have commented that she was not as good as Rose. I definitely liked her more as the series progressed, although her connection with The Doctor wasn't quite as strong. But that's NOT a drawback and she definitely went the distance to save the entire Planet Earth in the end.

And finally, David Tennant's Doctor continues to be amazing to watch; brilliant, funny and so very deserving of being one of the most beloved actors to take on the role. I'm now ready to take on Series Four which will be Tennant's last. I've been savoring every episode with him because of that fact and I continue to look forward to seeing more of Matt Smith when we finally get there. The half series April 23 premiere presentation we saw during Wondercon looks incredible. But for now it's time to begin Series Four!!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Interview set, and major trailer house response

Some updated good news! Per last week's ramp-up, I officially now have an interview with Bonch tomorrow morning at 10:30am. AND I just received an e-mail from one of THE top trailer houses, Mark Whoolan & Associates, asking about my availability! Sent a response immediately saying I was open at the moment. Waiting now to hear back. This is definitely BIG news because I've heard that it's a bit tough to get 'in' there.

Mark Whollan has been on my list of trailer houses I've been trying to get into for nine years, regularly bombarding them with my reel and resume. They were definitely on the list last week when the mass e-mailing went out, so here's keeping my fingers crossed to finally cross the threshold!

Still waiting for the official confirmation that I'll be returning to Happy Hour next week, even though I'm almost 100% sure it'll happen. Plus, I'm still hoping to hear back about those openings posted last week for trailer editors at Trailer Park.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Wondercon Day 3

Went to the Doctor Who panel first thing this morning. Great series of clips from the new series as well as a behind the scenes piece about the return of The Doctor on April 23. The Q&A was a lot or fun as well as Chris Hardwick from The Craig Fergeson Show affficianated over writer Neil Gaiman, actor Mark Sheppard and one of the series directors discussing what go expect in the coming half season.

Finding our way back out to the Exhibit Hall and Bill, we did a final round of shopping and taking in a few things we'd missed earlier. Since this day was my actual birthday, we decided to head to Bucca Di Beppo for dinner. Saturday night's dinner at the Italian restaurant Ideale was spectacular! The food was amazing and the atmosphere was so welcoming and traditional.

So now we're back home safe and sound. Bill is still in San Francisco and leaving to head back to Albany tomorrow in the midday. As mentioned before, despite the delays and frustrations we still had an amazing time and very much look forward to coming back next year! Now it's on to Comic-Con in a little over three months!!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

"The Towering Inferno" building

Just walked by the building where they shot the street level scenes for "The Towering Inferno", this time at night. Suddenly a fire truck came screaming down the street a few blocks away, just like in the movie. A great chance moment at one of my favorite movie locations!

We'd taken a taxi to my birthday dinner at a great Italian restaurant, then decided to walk for a bit back towards the hotel. Suddenly we found ourselves passing the Bank of America building where parts of the movie were shot. We'd been here in 2009 during our trip to Wondercon that year. Of course we had to stop.

All in all we had a fantastic day today and are looking forward to our third and final day at this year's event!

That sucky new "Three Musketeers" movie

OMG, "The Three Musketeers" looks SO FUCKING AWFUL!!!! We're at the panel right now.

The Summit Entertainment rep. didn't even know how to pronounce Aramis. He said 'Ah-ray-mus'. What a MORON!!! The actor whose playing Aramis is here and said his character is like James Bond and Batman...NO, HE'S NOT! He fights when he must because he intends to be a priest! They showed the trailer and a behind the scenes reel. I was half shaking my head off my neck and half wanting to throw up!

Alexandre Dumas will be spinning our of control in his grave when this movie is released! I intend to watch Richard Lester's "Three" and "Four Musketeers" when I get home to wash what I've seen and heard about this one out of my head!!

The footage was AWESOME!!! Jon Favreau is just too cool! No Ford or Craig but that's O.K. Great presentation!

"Cowboys & Aliens" panel

Rebecca and I are sitting in the hall waiting for the "Cowboys & Aliens" panel to start in 45 minutes. Will Harrison Ford who up like he did at Comic-Con? Think it's a good bet Daniel Craig and Olivia Wilde will be here, as will Jon Favreau. REALLY looking forward to this! Sure we're about to see some seriously cool footage!

Wondercon: Day 2

Getting breakfast at Starbucks on the way over to the Mascone Center. Today is the "Cowboys & Aliens" panel with Jon Favreau at 1pm. FUN, FUN, FUN....and shopping!

Friday, April 1, 2011

Heading to the "Green Lantern" panel now. Let's see if my expectations can rise a bit from the first trailer they released. Ryan Reynolds will be there.

Here at Wondercon!

After a crazy late night of trying to locate Bill's missing bag at the airport (Southwest is deliverying it to the hotel this afternoon), we are here at Wondercon! Made our way through half of the exhibit hall so far and picked up a couple of T-shirts. This afternoon is the "Green Lantern" panel, and I'm still kind of skeptical about the movie.

Having fun and making up for yesterday's delays and aggravations.