Sunday, April 17, 2011

Weekend work and a great opportunity with a past connection

Working all weekend at Happy Hour Creative. Tight turnaround on this project I'm cutting for Summit Entertainment.

Aside from the breakthrough news about my upcoming interview with Trailer Park, I received an e-mail from Laura, the producer I worked with on two Hollywood Bowl performances. We'd been in touch off and on over these past 5 or 6 years. She wanted to let me know that the "Pink Panther" montage I cut for one of the Bowl performances was shown at a DGA tribute to director Blake Edwards recently and received a great response. She also wanted to find out my availability for a two day project she might need me for.

Turns out one of the speakers at the tribute, of course, was Julie Andrews who had been married to Edwards for the past 40 years. During the tribute, a series of cameras recorded the event for later assemblage. Andrews approached Laura about putting together this footage to make several DVDs for herself and her family. So in turn Laura contacted me since I'd been the one who cut the "Pink Panther" montage everyone loved.

Just one thing; the editor who put together some other material for the Edwards tribute may not be available to cut this special project because he may be busy on something else. Ultimately he's first choice on this, although Laura won't know until the beginning of the week. So everything is tentative for the next couple of days.

If I do in fact work on the project, we would assemble the entire show on Wednesday, May 4. Then, on Thursday, May 5, Julie Andrews herself will come by to look at the piece and perhaps offer some tweeks. Then we'll burn everything to several DVDs for her to take. In other words, I may very well be working with Julie Andrews directly in a few weeks! YES, I intend to take a photo with her!

This year is getting better all the time!


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