Friday, April 15, 2011


I am SO amazingly happy right now!!! Just received a call from Trailer Park, of course one of THE top trailer houses and a place I've been repeatedly trying to get into since 2002!!!

O.K. wait, first the recap; two weeks ago I sent out my regular mass e-mailing of now 63 houses I have yet to work with. One of those is Trailer Park. About a year and half ago I was directly referred to two key contacts there by someone I've worked for and who has worked with them, adding more umpf to my actually getting in the door. Immediately after I e-mailed my pro-site link, I saw a call for editors on their site that had been posted four days earlier! I immediately sent my resume and link to the prescribed e-mail. Keeping my fingers tightly crossed, I waited and hoped for the phone to ring or a message to come in that they wanted an interview with me.


The woman I spoke with asked what my availability was for later this month and going into May. Of course right now I'm working on a project with Happy Hour, but look to that time as a very good opportunity to swing from here to there. I informed her of my schedule and she asked if I'd be available for an interview next week, which of course I can be. So she's going to call next week to arrange a bona fide interview AND to work out when I could come in to start a project!! HOLY SHIT, BATMAN!!!

BTW, this call came from their ad seeking editors. Although it is possible those two key contacts there had a hand in my selection. I should find out soon. Oh my Christ, I am so thankful right now! BIG does not even encompass the size of this moment!

Click on their logo to go to the site.


At April 16, 2011 at 10:55 AM, Anonymous Allen said...

Yes, Yes, Yes!!!


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