Sunday, April 10, 2011

"Doctor Who" Series Three

Just finished Series Three of "Doctor Who" which came to an incredibly emotional end. For those who maybe haven't seen it yet, stop reading now!

David Tenant's first series as The Doctor raised the anti perfectly from where Christopher Eccleston left off. But the climax of this particular series would be the end of Rose's story. And it was absolutely a no-holds-barred finale! The original show certainly had it's share of great cliffhangers and climactic series enders. But the stakes have been raised to such perfectly pitched heights.

Once again I will say that former head writer Russell T. Davies knows, loves and honors his Doctor Who with such high regard, taking The Doctor's relationships with companions to a more equal place. Even portraying feelings of love and a deeper bond that, at times, bring the stories to an emotional peak without tipping the original shows sensibilities; The Doctor is a traveller who will always be wandering the stars and could never settle down.

Now at the end of Series Three, a long-thought-lost arch enemy at last rears his head in one of the most anticipated moments of the show...the return of The Master! I knew he'd be returning from some bits and pieces of info I was hearing. But the question in my mind would still be how and why. The final three episodes of Series Three brought everything to a very intense head, making you wonder from moment to moment how all of this could possibly be resolved without casualties and devastating change. Amazing, incredibly multi-layered, intense and very emotional!

Once again the show ties into the past The Doctor and The Master have shared over the years without alienating newer fans. I love that they've infused The Master with a more animated personality and dark humor. Anthony Ainley's Master from the Tom Baker and Peter Davison years was certainly my favorite, and I'd like to see more of Roger Delgado's version from the Patrick Troughton / Jon Pertwee years. But John Simm has wonderfully brought Doctor Who's Moriarty-like nemesis to the 21st Century table. And even though (spoiler alert!) we will hopefully see The Master return again soon, I've seen some hints that Simm will in fact be back!

Companion Martha Jones (as played by Freema Agyeman) resonates in her own way as The Doctor's Series Three companion, even though some have commented that she was not as good as Rose. I definitely liked her more as the series progressed, although her connection with The Doctor wasn't quite as strong. But that's NOT a drawback and she definitely went the distance to save the entire Planet Earth in the end.

And finally, David Tennant's Doctor continues to be amazing to watch; brilliant, funny and so very deserving of being one of the most beloved actors to take on the role. I'm now ready to take on Series Four which will be Tennant's last. I've been savoring every episode with him because of that fact and I continue to look forward to seeing more of Matt Smith when we finally get there. The half series April 23 premiere presentation we saw during Wondercon looks incredible. But for now it's time to begin Series Four!!


At April 10, 2011 at 4:20 PM, Anonymous Allen said...

It isn't that she's not as good, its that she's just a different kind of companion.
Freema Agyeman is a great actress (Martha Jones shows up on "Torchwood" too) and she's terrific on "Law & Order: UK."

At April 10, 2011 at 5:01 PM, Blogger LA Filmcutter said...

And of course I completely agree. Look forward to see her show up on "Torchwood", as that's now a show we definitely want to get into as well. OH AND the reveal about Captain Jack at the end!!! Rebecca had been waiting for me to catch up a bit since she had already crossed over into Series Four, trying hard to hold her tongue about that little secret. I LOVED IT!


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