Thursday, July 22, 2010

Thursday Comic-Con brief

Awesome day today! "Tron Legacy" panel with the entire cast and insanely cool footage, Will Ferrell in blue face make-up and Megamind costume for the "Megamind" panel, some shopping in the Exhibit Hall, and a hilarious night out in the Gaslamp Quarter. Yes, photos ARE coming! Just too tired tonight to give a proper rundown of events.

Tomorrow we'll be getting in line to hopefully score one or both of two limited gems; the "Tron Legacy" light cycle and the original "Tron" figure in a arcade game box at the "Tron Legacy" booth. We've been told they would start selling the days alotment first thing in the morning. Another day of getting up early and makiong our way to the proper line. Friday is SHOPPING DAY in the Exhibit Hall! We'd planned to attend the "Green Hornet" panel in Hall H, but being the fact that we'll be in there all day Saturday, we'll more than likely be trying to soak up as much time shopping and looking around time as possible.

We also need to score some tickets for Flynn's Arcade, once again online a few blocks from the convention center. Word is there are a few new surprises awaiting us behind the Tron arcade game at the back wall. There's been a couple of videos showing this bonus, but I'm trying to stay away from those to make sure we're surprised when we enter. CAN'T WAIT!!!


At July 23, 2010 at 2:27 AM, Anonymous Allen Pinney said...

*two thumbs up*
Should we start the chant now? "Tron! Tron! Tron!"


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