Friday, July 23, 2010

Day 2: full day in the Exhibit Hall and Flynn's Arcade

Plenty of time to take in much more of the Exhibit Hall today. Even though I kind of regreted it later, I decided to skip the "Green Hornet" movie presentation in favor of spending more shop time on the main floor. Picked up where we left off and made it to the three quarters mark. Sunday will finish a complete sweep of the multiple football field length hall.

Went to Flynn's Arcade this afternoon after picking up tickets at the "Tron Legacy" booth. OMG, if we thought last year was incredible, this year REALLY went above and beyond!! After a 25 minute wait outside, we entered the now familiar recreation of Flynn's Arcade from the first movie and was able to play as many games as we wanted FOR FREE!! But this time we could stay and continue to do so for as long as we wanted! Last year they gave fans about twenty minutes to enjoy the vintage machines, followed by a back door opening to reveal a hallway that lead to a lifesize Light Cycle from the new movie.

This time that door lead to the back room office of Kevin Flynn with digitizing equipment just as you've seen in the trailer. Shortly after this, another set of doors opened leading through a long brightly lit hallway. At the end we were lead into the End of Line Club where free bottles of Coca Cola Zero were handed out and clips from the brand new trailer shown on giant wall sized screens all around us. In the center was a circle of cushioned seats. Daft Punk music played while a woman, dressed in a completely white Tron universe outfit seen in the film, strolled out to the enthusiastic flashes of multiple cameras.

I took a lot of photos during our time there, as well as happenings and costumes on the convention floor, and I'm hoping to get one or two up here in the morning.

Right now I'm overdue to get to bed. Have to be up pretty early to get in line. Tomorrow: "Green Lantern", "Captain America", "Thor", Jon Favreau, and Kevin Smith. Spending the complete day in Hall H.


At July 24, 2010 at 2:52 AM, Anonymous Allen Pinney said...

Bringing something to pee in so you don't have to leave your seats?
I'm expecting to hear good things about Cap & Thor so don't disappoint!

Oh yeah, have fun and all that too.


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