Thursday, July 15, 2010

More responses from my pro website e-mailing

Received an e-mail from my contact at Open Road Entertainment asking for more information about the types of projects I've worked on. He also called late Tuesday afternoon asking me to return his message right way. Unfortunately I didn't catch him in time then because I was in the middle of the project here at Happy Hour, but called Wednesday morning. Turned out he had a fast turnaround on something that just came in and needed someone immediately for the day.

Of course I'm at Happy Hour this week and couldn't have done it. But getting in the door there would at least have gotten me working on a project directly for them, adding that all important familiarity hook to call me back another time. At the end of our conversation he said he would definitely keep me in mind for upcoming projects. Certainly a good sign that he reached out to bringing me in.

Also received an e-mail from my contact at Good Spot today asking whether I worked on Avid or Final Cut Pro (both, of course) and if I'd be willing to take freelance jobs that pay a flat rate per project, whether or not they take a couple of days or a week or more. I've certainly done this before, even though in the longer run it's not as profitable. However, I do need to keep the money coming in, as well as getting in the door of more post houses. Both Open Road and Good Spot are trailer houses so this is even more important.

The following is all happening as I write this. Responded to Good Spot about a half hour ago, then got a reply that she'd like to meet with me and could I come by today or tomorrow. Tomorrow would be better because I could do it on my lunch hour. Next e-mail just came in that noon or 1pm would be fine with her, as is for me.

So I now have an appointment at 1pm tomorrow for an interview at Good Spot! Will update afterwards. I couldn't think of a better thing to top this week off with right before the trip to San Diego!


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