Thursday, July 15, 2010

Closing in on the end of my final week of work before Comic-Con

The week is progressing nicely here at Happy Hour. The first cut of my "Detroit 187" project has gone out to the studio to look at, and it received a lot of kudos from the people I'm working with here.

The second half of yesterday and for the most part today has me in a holding pattern waiting for notes to come back on this, and a Disney project that keeps popping it's head above water. So with this kind of down time, I'm continuing to work on the project I hope to see on the big screen at Comic Con next week....if the person I need to contact to get permission ever gets back to me in time. I have the impression he may not even be doing his presentation this year, which may be why he hasn't responded too quickly. It's a little more complicated than that though.

Details of this project will be revealed next week. Just don't want to make the content public yet. If I'm not able to run my tribute in San Diego then I intend to upload it to YouTube when we return.

Waiting to learn whether or not I'll be back here on Monday for the one day before we depart on Tuesday. Also hoping to get some tidbit about my possible return the following week. Things still seem like they're heating up on the project front.


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