Saturday, July 24, 2010

O.K. so maybe there isn't time

Was really hoping to post at least one photo from yesterday.....and there's literally been NO time! Standing in line for Hall H and the "Green Lantern" panel. The "Harry Potter" faction of this line had us geting down here at 6:30am, and I'm sure it's around the back of the convention center by now.

They have free WiFi out here now, but my laptop battery is dead. Must buy a new one before next year. Having that would really help today. The weather's been great these couple of days. Not hot and with a somewhat cool breeze occasionally.

I'm wearing my GL shirt today. Yesterday I started with my new "Back to the Future" and changed back into my Flynn's Arcade t-shirt when we went to the arcade and the End of Line Club. Really glad I did because "Tron Legacy" continues to be the buzz movie of the event.


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