Friday, August 3, 2012

The slow moving path of huge content

Talk about a major undertaking!!

In amongst cutting two project at work, I continue my efforts to upload another large group of photos from and write about the final stop on our movie location trip: the Kisella Baseball Field from "Field of Dreams". Not to mention the fact that I am TRYING to write a proper review for "The Dark Knight Rises"!

I'm also looking to come up with a name which reflects my passion for movie locations. This, to be added to the top banner profile here and on Facebook. The wheels are turning...

'Enthusiast' sounds like I'm a bird watcher and other terms like addict, aficionado, buff, devotee and fanatic are all annoyingly generic. Yes, I know I'm using 'fanatic' with Comic-Con but I've been wanting to change that as well.

I actually really like 'movie locationist'. It sort of combines 'location' and 'enthusiast' (or even 'tourist') but gives it a cool and edgy The Mentalist. But then I read that a 'locationist' is (quoting the Urban Dictionary):

'a person who bases the way they feel about another by the place that they live.

- You're from the valley? Ew.
- God, why are you such a locationist?'

Made me wanna drop that one from the running. Unless of course I decide to re-invent the term because I'm adding the word 'movie' before it, changing the tone to:

'The big spillway at the 101 and 405 interchange? That's where they shot the end credit scene in "Buckaroo Banzai."'
i.e. a specific place or structure will make me think of a specific movie that it's from, as opposed to a slant on someone because of where they're from.

See!...I'm trying to break the term out of it's ugly Urban Dictionary dungeon.

I also weighed 'movie location tripper'...since heading to these sites always means taking a trip. Kind of on the fence about that one though. Could sound a little trippy...LOL! 'Tourist' is completely O - U - T - ! It's SO dorky white T-shirt with a big American flag or name of the place you're visiting in big letters or giant image of wolves from neck to bottom hem. God awful!!!

BTW, I specifically want to keep the words 'movie location'. Those have to be the constant and whatever follows or comes before needs to be short. Oh yeah, and one additional idea was 'movie locationer'. Not sure if that really makes the right statement.


At August 4, 2012 at 5:26 AM, Anonymous allen said...

Thinking Caps On!!!

At August 4, 2012 at 2:08 PM, Blogger LA Filmcutter said...

Yay!! Hey, you know it's really just for the top banner. Not something I'm gonna go around proclaiming. LOL!


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