Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Movie location....???

And the winning designation for my traveling to places where favorite movies were filmed?: Movie Location Explorer.

'OK, so just put it in the banner and shut up!'...a one might say. But you know it's the little things in life that sometimes bring me such joy.

Ultimately, terms I'd considered like 'locationist', 'locationast' or 'locationer' beared some explanation and seemed clunky, even though I liked how edgy they were. 'Explorer' is much more about the adventure of it as opposed to something that could be misconstrued as a hipster-type label.

These excursions have become even more a part of my life in the last decade. Although I actually began in 1980 when, during my first adult trip to NYC, I spotted the street address where Peter Falk takes Alan Arkin in a cab to pick up a bag from his office in "The In-Laws". It was only two blocks from the hotel we were staying at and I made a point to check the spot out early one morning.

I've come along way from just walking a couple of blocks. Now it's about traversing North America...and soon the world! I've been to so many of my favorite movie locations, yet there are more to be had as my exploration circle expands.

And believe it or not, I still haven't been to Ferris Bueller's house near Long Beach, CA!! Just a forty five minute drive from my apartment....Hello?!


At August 15, 2012 at 2:39 AM, Anonymous allen said...

Haha! Hello?!

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