Sunday, August 12, 2012

JawsFest 2012....WAIT, WHAT???!!!!!

In 2005, a group of "Jaws" fans held a 30th anniversary event to honor the movie called JawsFest on Martha's Vineyard. It included a tour of filming sites on the island with a real appreciation for the history of the film. I was still freelancing at the time and money wasn't quite as steady like it is today.

Having just been to my first Comic-Con, I was thirsty for more movie centric events and was seriously considering going. The only issue: How big would JawsFest be? It could have been a smallish gathering of "Jaws" fans for a multi-day low-yield party.

Was it really worth traveling 3,000 miles to attend? Even though I've always wanted to visit the place where Amity Island came alive, I knew I could go on my own at any time. And so I opted not to go.

BIG mistake!

Turned out that group of fans had partnered with Universal Studios to promote the 30th Anniversary DVD that was just being released. Among the guests in attendance were several members of the cast and crew as well author Peter Benchley who would be making one of his last public appearances. The event boasted an attendance of close to 2,000 people and was much more sprawling than I could have imagined.

SHIT!!! I spent the next several months kicking myself that I hadn't gone!

The following year I eagerly anticipated news of a follow up. Nope. A few people involved expressed an interest to regroup for JawsFest 2. A few fans did return but it just became a small island party and nothing of any size or scope.

I found myself becoming busy with work once again and fell away from checking if anything like what now seemed like a once in a lifetime event would ever happen again.

Flash forward to August 2012.

"Jaws" is about to be released on Blu-ray for the first time this coming Tuesday, the 14th. Anticipation is high and I will definitely be getting my hands on a copy right away.

So here we are driving from Los Angeles to San Jose yesterday to attend a birthday party for one of Rebecca's friends. As we pulled into a gas station along the way, I began flipping through Facebook posts. One of my 'likes' is the official "Jaws" page. Update posts had been sporadic, yet I noticed one on this day about an outdoor screening of the movie somewhere. I clicked the link, which I might not have seen without a random glance.

Now I was on a website with more info. That website is and at the top right of the page was the date of a new event to honor the movie, on Martha's Vineyard once again with amazing guests, programming and tours of the filming locations.

The dates read August 9-12, 2012. I bolted up from my reclined seat in shock.


Where were the notifications?!! Where were the news stories?!! How, with all of the cross referencing movie websites and links in my arsenal, did I not see one blip about this in advance???!!!!

It was happening THIS WEEKEND! I have now missed two...TWO...of these 'must see' events! Will they have another one next year? Based on the history, I kinda doubt it. My only hope now is that in 2015, during the 40th Anniversary of "Jaws", there will be another one. Just hit the 'like' button on their Facebook page. I am NOT missing out on any more information! Check out the official site by clicking on the 'Jaws Fest: The Tribute' logo.

Mostly, beyond the sheer frustration, it's just sad that I didn't know about this even just a month or three weeks out. At that point I could have done something. Ugh!

On a final and more positive note, we've already discussed that our next movie location trip would encompass a full-on tour of Martha's Vineyard. Something I've been trying to do since the mid 80's when I lived in Boston and the island was only a ninety minute drive to the south. We'll get there!!!


At August 13, 2012 at 5:52 AM, Blogger MsBeekeeper said...

And you scared the bejesus out of me while driving!! Sad that we didn't know about it though!

At August 13, 2012 at 12:16 PM, Blogger LA Filmcutter said...

I know, I'm so sorry I sacred you. :( Hoping they have another one next year! :)


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