Thursday, July 26, 2012

Review of "The Dark Knight Rises": not yet

After the midnight show of "The Dark Knight Rises" one week ago tonight I found myself a bit unsure of how I completely felt about Christopher Nolan's end to his Batman trilogy.

My consensus, as well as a few other people's I've spoken with, is that it's good...but not great.

I really wanted to let the film gel in my head (because I really wanted to love it with little or no question!) and then have a very open minded second screening within the week. We're doing just that by returning to the Arclight Dome tomorrow night.

Rebecca will be with me this time as she was not feeling well last week. I'm certainly hoping to like it a bit more than the first time, even though I did enjoy the movie overall.

Once screening #2 is done, I'll be writing a proper review here.


At July 26, 2012 at 6:25 PM, Anonymous Bismo said...

Buster and I loved it the first time, although I'd say it works very much in the framework of being a trilogy... we'd watched the first two the weekend before. Like you though we're looking for time to go see it again (in IMAX this time) to double check our reactions.


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