Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Christian Bale visits victims of the Aurora, Colorado shooting!

Now THIS is the news I was waiting to hear!!!

After several petitions online asked for Mr. Bale (pictured with one of the shooting victims) to please come and see those in the hospital from the movie theatre attack in Colorado, he did in fact make a trip there and spent around two hours visiting with those who were victimized in this horrible act. Click on the image for the full story.

I have to say I've always liked Christian Bale and very much appreciate his serious dedication to the craft of acting. Now he's outstretching his hand to connect with the people who only wanted to get their first glimpse of the new Batman movie during a midnight show. If I didn't have enough respect for the guy before (which I did and do), that respect has just gone through the roof!

Well done, Mr. Bale!!!

Here's another link to this story with more photos from the scene.


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