Thursday, July 19, 2012

Batman Trilogy tonight at the Arclight!

Headed to the Arclight in Hollywood tonight after work for the big blowout screening of "Batman Begins", "The Dark Knight" and finally "The Dark Knight Rises" at midnight!

I requested to leave work at 4pm this afternoon so I could get to the theatre and have a little dinner in the cafe before the epic begins at 6pm. And because "TDKR" is just a little under three hours long (with trailers, film ends at 3am!), I knew I'd need a TON of sleep the night before. So after work yesterday I went home and JUST. WENT. TO. BED!

Quickly prepping for today's workday, I finally got under the covers at 8pm. So right now I am pumped up with a full-on 10 HOURS OF SLEEP behind me! I'm awake, I'm counting the hours and I am SO ready!!!

With only three hours of sleep (if that) before work, tomorrow's gonna suck. But trust'll be worth it!!


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