Thursday, July 5, 2012

My "Amazing Spider-Man" verdict: just putting it out there

This is the first photo of Andrew Garfield's Spider-Man costume that pretty much blew my interest out of the water a bit on the new movie. Bottom line: just WAY too over-stylized.

Oh, but you can't judge a book by it's cover...right?

Now, here we are during opening week. And as the months and weeks ticked down to the release of the too-soon reboot entitled "The Amazing Spider-Man", we put a pretty quick lid right down on top of even going to see this movie.

Critics are saying things like 'why do we need to tread on ground we covered so perfectly just ten years ago?' Not to mention comments about unevenness and a lack of real heart. A friend of mine even said it's more like "Batman Begins" (think gritty revenge) than a Spider-Man movie. His final take: 'it's anything but AMAZING!'

Sure, the picture seems to be action packed. But didn't Sam Raimi do a precisely wonderful job of setting up the web slinger already? As well as bringing his adventures passionately to life along with Toby Maguire's amazing performance?

Raimi is a tried and true Spider-Man fan going way back to the early days of the comics. To shove him out the door just because he didn't want to play the studio's game is inexcusable (post Venon / "Spider-Man 3" debacle). Hey wait, Sony Pictures....didn't he make a SHITLOAD OF MONEY for you guys?! That's right, throw the baby out with the bath water like a lot of the studios do. Sometimes it's very painful to watch.

We're passing on the new flick from Day 1 and I have no regrets. Our hearts belong to Sam Raimi and Toby Maguire and I doubt that's going to change anytime soon. 'Nuff said!


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