Friday, June 22, 2012

Getting closer to the Kent Farm property access permission

As we head into the last two weeks before our movie location tour, I've made it my mission to find out how to get in touch with the owner or owners of the property where the Kent Farm from "Superman, The Movie" is located in Alberta, Canada. For the first time I am finding myself getting closer to this information!

It's SO very important that we're able to walk onto the property, stand between the farm house and the barn and take photos to our hearts content. Sure, we can take as many as we'd like from the road. But after making what could be a once in a lifetime trip, I want to make absolutely sure we can walk right up and be where those Smallville scenes took place in the movie.

I spoke with an official just south of the farm near a small village called Blackie in Alberta. She was extremely helpful, sending photos of the property to confirm we were talking about the same place, as well as pointing me in the direction of an online site that can hopefully help out even more.

I'm not revealing any names, addresses, phone numbers or other personal information here as I want to continue to respect the owner's privacy. I will however reveal when I actually have that permission in hand. Wish me luck!

UPDATE: I now have the actual name and address of the owner of the Kent Farm property! Yes, I am in fact a movie location detective. Again, don't ask because I won't tell. Doing further research to find a proper contact avenue. It might come down to mailing a letter, probably Priority Mail because of our looming deadline, which might be less intrusive than calling if I were to pull up the phone number in the white pages.


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Good luck!

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When is this trip. Can I come along too?


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