Saturday, June 30, 2012


We are now exactly one week from our movie location trip, 'The Farm, The Field & The Tower'!! So it's time to do something very important in preparation: WATCH MOVIES!

This weekend we'll begin watching three films which represent the reason we're making this week-long excursion into the heartland of the US and Canada.

The Kent Farm from "Superman, The Movie" is our first stop and we'll start from opening credits all the way up through the scenes where young Kal El reaches Earth and grows into manhood. While in Canada our tour will also include Smallville High School, the railroad tracks where young Clark jumps in front of the train and hopefully the area where the Smallville Cemetary scene was shot.

"Close Encounters of the Third Kind" and especially "Field of Dreams" are all about where we're headed so of course we'll be watching those from start to finish. Time to make those lists of what to bring, ready airline check-in info and plan for the big party that ends this movie location adventure; two days at Comic-Con!


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