Friday, May 25, 2012

"Star Wars" turns 35!

And of course (you thought I forgot) the O-RIGINAL "Star Wars" was released 35 years ago today!!!

Not that "Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope" crap! Just wonderfully unadulterated, un-CGed, un-Greedo-shoots-first "Star Wars"!!!

Back when George Lucas was a hungry director (I know, bring it on) and Hayden Christensen wasn't even born yet!

A time where all you had (perfectly) was your imagination about what happened during the Clone Wars, how Obi-Wan met Anakin and who was going to end up with Princess Leia and why wasn't it YOU!!!

Seeing the movie in the theatre, savoring every music cue of the 2-record soundtrack and putting that first 24x36 inch version of the 1-sheet up in your room (right next to Lynda Carter poster your Mom didn't approve of)!

Not to mention going to see the movie as many times as possible during it's YEAR AND A HALF RUN in theatres!!

THAT was what is was like to be a "Star Wars" fan back in the day!

All this talk of what it was like when the first movie came out has me seriously wanting to do a screening in the 10th Box! Even though it's time to gear up for "The Big Six of 1982", I think we can squeeze in a trip to Tatooine along the way.


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