Monday, May 21, 2012

Robin Gibb: the passing of another 70's disco era icon

I heard the news a little late yesterday as I was about to go to bed. Bill B. had posted on Facebook about the passing of Bee Gees brother Robin Gibb. I was somewhat surprised, even though he'd been in ill health with cancer for some time. Yet he did emerge from his coma recently and seemed to be leveling out.

Gibb's death comes just three days after disco queen Donna Summer's. It's strange how, even though someone might not be quite in the same spotlight they were from years ago, you're still aware that they're here in the world. It's only when they die that you really feel how far away they've gone. Even though Donna Summer's and now Robin Gibb's music will be with us forever, last night when I read the sad news it seemed as though that decade of my youth was somehow farther from grasp now.

The Bee Gees spanned five decades with iconic music and re-invention from 60's balladeers to 70's pop disco masters to surviving the post dance craze backlash only to come out on top once again as vastly appreciated musicians and sound writers.

As with Summer's passing, I turn once again to the music. Beyond the "Saturday Night Fever" soundtrack (which I think I own in every format known to man!) I have some of their pre and post "Fever" songs and long ago classics. My drive to work this morning was filled with the music of the Brothers Gibb. Barry now is the only one left. Maurice, of course, passed away in 2003.

Instead of going for the obvious "SNF" track 'Stayin' Alive', here is a television performance of 'How Can You Mend a Broken Heart' from 1971.


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