Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Last Friday night's "Superman" double feature

Once again I connected with my new friend Phil, who I met at the "Robocop" screening a week and a half ago, to take in Christopher Reeve's double dose of the best Superman movies in existence. Turns out he's also a huge fan of these films as well and we certainly had our mutual share of line shout-outs that made the evening just that more exciting!

This print of "Superman, The Movie" was the 2000 Richard Donner director's cut, and to everyone's surprise we were treated to the Donner cut of "Superman II". They originally advertised that we'd be seeing the Richard Lester version. Several people were wearing Superman T-shirts, with me of course getting even more mileage out of my Christopher Reeve Superman 'S' shirt. The same one I'll be proudly wearing in a month and a half when we at last arrive at the Kent Farm location in Alberta, Canada. Wow, the trip's closing in fast!

Phil had brought a friend of his along who also turned out to be a huge movie fan (we bonded over "Blade Runner") plus we ended up being complimented by a guy sitting behind us who said he really appreciated our enthusiasm for the movie. Turns out he plays Norman Bates at the "Psycho" house on the Universal Studio Tour! The three of us friended one another on Facebook with the concept that we seriously need to do this again soon.

I know I keep saying it, but I seriously LOVE these American Cinemathique screenings!! To actually go to a classic movie showing and be surrounded by like-minded film fans is truly priceless. The audience was phenomenal, applauding wildly as Christopher Reeve's name appeared on the screen during the opening credits on the screen and cheering as Superman comes out of the revolving door to save Lois in the helicopter. A perfect night!


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