Saturday, May 19, 2012

Hero Complex Film Festival screenings today

I'm attending the LA Time's Hero Worship Film Festival all day today which includes Q&A screenings of "Robocop" with Peter Weller, "A Clockwork Orange" with Malcolm McDowell and "Super" with Rainn Wilson.
Peter Weller just got through speaking and he is a firecracker of film information. Not only does he always have interesting stories about movies heMs starred in, but he constantly spins multi-level tales about the entire process and his unique vision of film and art. Today's Q&A after "Robocop" was no exception. He had the audience in the palm of his hand talking about his film students having no idea what movies Robert Shaw did before "Jaws" and being appalled at that, to how itMs a complete win to have not experience early concept movies made in Italy. The biggest reactionary comment he made was after moderator Geoff Boucher asked what Weller though of the upcoming "Robocop" remake. Without a beat, Peter said "bad idea, it's gonnna suck!". Immediately, me and the guy sitting next to me, who I bonded with before the screening due to his complete love of the film, shouted "THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!" Everyone applauded wildly. After a break, I'm now sitting back in my seat awaiting "A Clockwork Orange" and Malcolm McDowell's Q&A. Pretty excited about seeing him and having an amazing time taking in this very cool event!


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