Friday, May 11, 2012

DING DING!! Last minute cool event this weekend!

Rebecca called me yesterday with some news about a cool one day event happening just south of LA. The Long Beach Comic-Con is happening tomorrow at the Long Beach Convention Center and we are SO going! We were actually just there a few weeks ago for the Toyota Grand Prix so I already know the venue is pretty sweet.

Have to say after seeing "The Avengers" along with feeling the oncoming swell of this summer's jam packed superhero movies, we're very much in the mood for this!

Admission is only $15 and from what I understand it is small. A view of the floor plan for the event looks a bit bigger than what I'd consider 'small' (trust me, I've see SMALL!) so we're pretty excited about making a day of it to check things out. 

Click on the logo for more info.


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