Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Comic-Con professional's registration: IN THE BAG!

Yesterday the pro-reg memberships for Comic-Con went live on the official site and I'm happy to say....WE'RE IN! At 12:15pm the announcement was made that you could clock in at 1pm. I saw the word about 45 minutes later and took little time punching in my Member ID, finding my info as a 'returning professional' (yes!!*) and securing the golden ticket that will take us into the future of never having to pay for a Comic-Con membership again!

Even though we won't be attending this year, it was important to secure this multi-year pass as soon as they were released. We've been on the pro-reg list at Wondercon for the past two years and have been counting the days until I could finally hook into SDCC. From this point on I'll receive an e-mail for both events telling me when it's time to log-in and secure my pass. Life just got that much better!

Pro-reg memberships last for three years. After the third event you have to re-submit proof that you work in the industry, then it continues for another three years after that, etc. etc. etc.

*I say 'yes!!' because, as of last year's Wondercon, I was informed that you had to send your verification materials (in my case only an IMDB link was required) separately for Comic-Con. So I was very anxious to not miss the train, especially with everyone poised above their mouses to click 'enter' all at the same time.

Through a perfectly placed phone call to confirm exactly where I stood, I actually ended up speaking with the head of the pro-reg department. She saw that I was on the Wondercon list and very nicely offered to correct my info for the upcoming CC registration to read 'returning professional'. Wow! Now I would not have to submit proof that I was an industry pro...it had already been done through WC. I was SO glad I called!

Coming back to the issue I've has been bitching about, this still does not negate the hotel overpricing problem! We were ironically lucky this year to have gotten in right away when the Comic-Con hotel block went online about a month ago to 'request' reservations (ridiculous procedure!) with our much loved San Diego Hilton Bayfront Hotel....ultimately being confirmed for just that.

I've certainly been soured by overly greedy hotels and their jacked-up prices plus the mishandling by the Comic-Con organization. Here's hoping everybody can get their shit straight so we all benefit during future event planning.


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