Monday, April 2, 2012

Working on two very high profile movies

Some MAJOR projects have come my way at work and one of them I was extremely excited to be laboring on in December can now be revealed.

They gave me a crack at working on a full trailer for Ridley Scott's "Prometheus" right before the holidays after I'd expressed heavy interest as another editor was working on one. I've learned here that you're not handed trailers right away unless you've had some prior experience with them. I, of course, have not cut a major theatrical trailer in my career yet so this was an opportunity for me to take some down time we were in the middle of and go to work...not to mention stepping up to the plate that I wanted to be a part of the bigger picture on this project.

After getting some fantastic feedback about the cut from my boss, they ended up sending mine and the other editor's to the studio. I was informed that we could hear something back right away or it could be some weeks. When we did get some feedback I found out that Fox was very impressed with what we both came up with, but ultimately decided to go with another trailer house they had more of a relationship with recently. Such is the way in the industry. The new trailer that was released a week and a half ago is of course the one from the other house. Frankly, I think we did a much better job and took a much edgier approach. More in line with the way the film should be marketed.

So moving past that yet staying on the same high profile track, I started working on broadcast spots for "Prometheus" as well as "Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter", another much anticipated movie of the summer, over the past two weeks. These have been some pretty fun and wonderfully creative projects to be on! They're in front of studio eyes at the moment along with two broadcast spots for two other movies I can't talk about now. Four of my spots are awaiting approval so it could get REALLY busy at any moment!


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Thumbs are up!

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