Saturday, March 10, 2012

Wondercon in 1 week!

The excitement builds as the countdown to Comic-Con's sister convention begins ticking downthosee final days. I've been so wrapped up with the issues surrounding hotel accomodations for Comic-Con that I haven't been concentrating on what's right in front of us!

I've taken next Friday as a vacation day and look forward to getting up super early that day (yes, you heard it right) so we can get our full enjoyment out of the three day movie, sci-fi and comic book feat. Staying at the Marriott right next door because I'm so spoiled, it'll be nice to explore a new venue since Wondercon is at the Anahiem Convention Center this year instead of the Mascone Center in San Francisco.

This is to be a one-off for the event due to construction going on at it's usually digs up north. But rumor it that this is a test run for possibly relocation of Wondercon or even a transferring of homes for San Diego based Comic-Con. Much as I want to see my favorite summer event stay put, we'll see what this place has to offer.


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