Thursday, March 1, 2012

"Some Kind of Wonderful" 25th Anniversary

"Some Kind of Wonderful" will always be one of my favorite John Hughes teen era movies for one very special reason: Watts. I always thought her character was so cool and just real. I always thought it would have been awesome to have a friend like Watts...which is probably why I hung out with my fair share of tomboys back in the day.

"Wonderful" is celebrating it's 25th Anniversary this week. Released on February 27, 1987, it would become the last of John Hughes teen era movies and the sealing of his legacy as the most prolific screenwriters and filmmakers of his time. I still enjoy this more than "Pretty in Pink"...being that "SKOW" was John's correcting of the storyline he originally wanted for "Pink".

The story of other-side-of-the-tracks Keith who works at a gas station and yearns to be with beautiful and popular Amanda Jones while best friend and drummer girl Watts hides a secret love takes place outside of the Shermer High setting Hughes set in his previous teen outings. Yet it still resonates the kind of tightly written, depth filled characters who not only worry about fitting in but about just plain wanting to be loved by someone they're close to who doesn't know it.

In her most iconic role, Mary Stuart Masterson as Watts brings the right amount of teen angst, most of the great dialogue as well as exuding the prime of mid-80's post-punk. Don't forget wickedly funny Elias Koteas as the leather clad tough guy Duncan who turns out to have a soft side for Keith's pursuit of Amanda while ultimately watching his back against the evil rich kid, Hardy Jenns (Craig Sheffer). And Maddie Corman, as Keith's younger sister Laura, always reminded me of Molly Ringwald's younger spunky sister!

Tonight will be the 25th Anniversary screening in The 10th Box and if I can get Mary Stuart Masterson on the phone I'm gonna invite her over! Maybe set up a drum kit in the lobby for her to play around on. LOL! Hey, being the huge John Hughes fan I am you know I have to turn up the appreciation, right?!

Oh and BTW, the other cool thing about Watts?: she drove a Mini Cooper! Rock on!!

Here is the original teaser for "Some Kind of Wonderful" which played in front of "Ferris Bueller's Day Off" in the summer of 1986. I have this on a VHS tape but always wanted a higher quality version. God bless YouTube!


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