Saturday, March 17, 2012

Day 2 begins

We had so much fun yesterday, checking out the first half of the Exhibit Hall and taking in the 30th Anniversary of 1982 panel.

Bought a few items already and saw a lot of cool stuff. The panel was really entertaining with remembrances of what it was like when the onslaught of those iconic summer movies were released back in the day. They even touched on how few select news stories and photos from upcoming films were mysteriously teased as opposed to today where too much is revealed way in advance. They even showed original trailers from "E.T.", "Blade Runner", "The Dark Crystal" and even "MegaForce".

Last night we headed to Ruth's Chris for a wonderful steak dinner about a block and a half from our hotel.

We're up now and getting ready for what will certainly be the centerpiece day for the event. Director Ridley Scott will be presenting footage from and probably the first full trailer for "Prometheus", as well as there being a full-on preview for "Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter". This is at the 20th Century Fox panel, BTW.

I have to say I am really impressed with the Anahiem Convention Center. It has a very elegant, modernistic design with easy accessability throughout. Let's see how it fairs on the busiest day of the convention.


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"MegaForce" - That's awesome!!!


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