Wednesday, February 8, 2012

"Tron Legacy" Blu-ray screening: (not surprisingly) spectacular!

It was a complete and total joy to watch my very first Blu-ray in The 10th Box on Monday night! I knew right from the beginning that the first movie should be "Tron Legacy" and to be able to watch it on the non Blu-ray compatible Mac was like breaking the last rule, as well as another box / disc 'hands free' experience.

My only issue was with navigating to the Blu-ray menu. Even though there is a VLC Player option with the HippoRemote Pro App. on my iPhone that comes with a menu button, it was still a bit difficult to find my way there. Today I'm going to do a little research as to how the VLC Player controls can better serve my selections. Other than that the screening was flawless and I really felt immersed just that much more in the world of Tron by seeing it in HD!

Next up is the "Watchmen" Director's Cut; the 3-plus hour version on Blu-ray I have not been able to watch....until now.


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