Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Back from Gallifrey One and ready for Wondercon!

This year's North American Doctor Who event was once again lot of fun. Although we did have a bit of a handicap; the main guests highlighted the 1997 US "Doctor Who" movie. not necessarily the best of DW periods, the film became part of the series canon by having original show Doctor Sylvester McCoy regenerating into Paul McGann's American transplant.

Unfortunately, I didn't exactly feel the urge to take a lot of photos and only ended up with four (incredible!). So here they are, along with the one up top. Click for larger version.

Camille Coduri, who played Rose's mum in the new run, was also in attendance and we were certainly interested to see her. Several more actors from Matt Smith's current two series were present, but are recognition factor wasn't as high because we hadn't goften into Series 5 much less Series 6 yet. Of course all of that is about to change because later this week I'll finally begin the next chapter of "Doctor Who" starring Matt Smith.

We attended Gallifrey One for only Friday night and Saturday because it seemed like that was more than enough time to enjoy everything the evtn had to offer and that we were interested in. Plus, we had a better idea of what to expect coming off of last year.

Wondercon is coming up in three and a half weeks and of course this year we won't be heading to San Francisco because they're holding it right in our backyard in Anaheim! Bill B. will be flying out the day before on February 15 and as always this sister convention to Comic-Con will continue to be a wonderfully fun hold-us-over appetizer to that gi-normous event! We're nearing the ramp up time to this summer's blowout comic book blockbusters and I'm sure there'll be some major presentations on hand. Although as before, I doubt we'll see a major "Dark Knight Rises" presentation. Still, I'm counting the days and really looking forward to immerse once again!


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