Tuesday, January 24, 2012

"The Artist" Oscar spots

We got an order in this morning to do a series of spots aimed at how many Oscar nominations "The Artist" receives in the morning. I've been working on two versions of one broadcast spot since 10am. The second one only now finishing up....at 12:30 in the morning!!

Yes, this is kind of ridiculous. But the good news is I do get overtime.

The Oscar nominations will be announced in exactly five hours and The Academy is one mile from In Sync. This is in the Samuel Goldwyn Theatre where I attended the screening of the restored 1927 film, "Wings" just a little under a week ago. I'll actually be driving by there in a few minutes and I'm sure the place will be buzzing in readiness.

OMG...SOOOO tired and I have to be right back in here first thing in the morning! Still trying to catch up from the business of this past weekend.


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