Monday, January 23, 2012

After "The Big Load": reorganization and clean up

I was seriously overjoyed Thursday night as the last DVD finished loading. The few seconds ticked by to completion as my finger held over the play button on my iPod to let loose "New Sensation" by INXS:

Live baby live
Now that the day is over
I got a new sensation
In perfect moments
Impossible to refuse

That pretty much sums up my elation for the end of a very...long...process; I got a new sensation. How crazy is it that my entire collection is on one 3TB drive sitting in front of me? Pretty crazy!

Friday night and Saturday day I finished reorganizing and cataloging the VAULTZ cases that the entire collection has lived in. The discs, now back inside their respective DVD cases and box sets, have become merely stored back-up as opposed to actual playable media.

One click movie viewing has completely arrived at the 10th Box and the first night of hands-free film enjoyment began Saturday evening as our friends Paul and Emaly joined us for a screening of "Return of the Jedi" before their return trip home to Australia (more on this in my next post).

For the past two months the entire floor of the 10th Box had been covered with VAULTZ cases out of which I was procuring disc after disc during the continuous loading process. I cleaned up the entire room just in time for Paul and Emaly's last visit, having finished cataloging all of the DVDs on Friday night.

And thanks to Allen for introducing me to an incredible software called Plex that allows you to access any and all files on your hard drives (such as DVD content) similar to how you would with iTunes. After I tried it out here at work I can very happily state that it seriously blew me away!!!

The entire set-up is customizable, plus there's an advanced application with even more bells and whistles. This is exactly what I was looking for to call up movies; an organized and aesthetically pleasing control panel with plenty of interchangeable eye candy! And that, True Believers, shall be the next phase. Certainly nowhere near as time consuming or logistical, but a much desired icing on the cake.


At January 24, 2012 at 9:40 AM, Anonymous Allen said...

Well I'm glad I found PLEX then!

Excelsior! (For all you True Believers out there.)

At January 25, 2012 at 3:20 PM, Blogger LA Filmcutter said...

Yes!...thank you so much again!!! Yay, Stan!


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