Tuesday, December 6, 2011

"Tower Heist" review: hilarious caper movie and the return to form of Eddie Murphy

Ben Stiller is the straight man to Eddie Murphy's "48 Hours" era character in this funny heist story about a billionaire (Alan Alda) who defrauds everyone in the prestigious New York residential building he has a luxury apartment in. Stiller is the building manager who decides to rob Alda of money he has hidden in his apartment as payback to his fellow employees.To ensure success he enlists the aid of cat burglar / thief Murphy to help engineer the robbery.

The movie is directed by 'why don't you shut up while you're ahead!' Bret Ratner who brings his "Rush Hour" mentality to a movie that will appeal to newer audiences as well as fans of 80's icons Murphy and Matthew Broderick as a bankrupt ex-tenant. The heist is unique, the laughs are great and the cast is wonderfully diverse from Gabourey Sidibe's Jamaican maid to Michael Peña's edgy elevator operator. Plus, there's something very familiar about Matthew Broderick, a red Ferrari and a parade....but you have to see the movie to find out how all those things intersect.

Since starting work on several broadcast spots for "Tower Heist" beginning in September, it was nice to finally see the finished movie when we went to the Arclight Dome recently. At the point where I was watching the movie for the very first time to do my cut there were several green screen shots missing. This is definitely a big blowout fall comedy you should see on the big screen!


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