Friday, December 30, 2011

The DVD load continues!

On November 18 I began loading all of my DVDs onto a hard drive for the easiest of access and taking the DVD case out of the loop in my movie viewing prep. Due to the size of my collection and the fact that each average 7.9 GB disc takes between 20 to 30 minutes to load (some smaller sizes can take around 10), that process continues a little each night after work, sometimes one or two in the morning when I'm getting ready, and some full strings on the weekends depending on how busy our social calendar is on a particular Saturday or Sunday.

After getting about a third of the way through my collection I discovered an even better DVD ripper software than Mac The Ripper. It's called Mac DVDRipper Pro and turned out to be a much more efficient way of consolidating Video TS files. Basically packaging everything into one convenient file icon that you only need double click to begin playing content.

Mac The Ripper does a fantastic job and continues to be a standard. But not only did MDRP neaten the entire process and become my go-to ripper, it also got past an annoying copy bug on the "Dark Knight" DVD. A continuous error message had me turning to user boards for help, learning that there was indeed a copy wall encoded on all "TDK" discs. Someone suggested MDRP as the fix and after happily discovering this wonderful new software I've been using it exclusively ever since. Even going so far as to begin re-importing that first third of my collection already loaded. This is the reason for the time extension.

Right now I'm about fifty titles away from being completely done. Figure if I can load five a night and an untolled number over a weekend it should take me less than a week to finish. God!! Who knew!! BUT...when I'm done, there's nothing to stand in my way of crazy / immediate accessibility to all of my DVDs with one click. I'll even be able to enjoy movies I might have thought twice about watching in the past just because of the logistics of opening unwielding box sets just to get the discs out!

And BTW, in the beginning when I mentioned "Blade Runner": Deckard's Briefcase as being the benchmark to what you CAN'T just download online?.....IT'S IN!!


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