Thursday, December 29, 2011

2012 Golden Globe Award nominations: my humble take

The Golden Globe nominations have been announced and, as usual, I want to pipe in a bit. Not too much to rave and/or rant about this year, but some very cool acknowledgements all the same.

The very top of my list is Albert Brooks Best Supporting Actor nod for "Drive". Absolutely a very different and very dark role for him. Almost a Quentin Tarantino-like career changing turn. I'd love to see him get this, but I think Kenneth Branagh's superb take on Sir Laurence Olivier in "My Week With Marilyn" will bring home the prize, which I also agree would be perfect.

"The Artist" is the top nominated film this year and I have to say the film is excellent. My review will be up shortly. Jean Dujardin and Berenice Bejo both turn in exceptional performances with out uttering a word (well almost). The movie will most likely win in the Best Picture catagory.

Michelle Williams has to and will win for completely and uncannily disappearing into the role of Marilyn Monroe in "My Week With Marilyn". The Oscar will be hers as well I have no doubt.

I keep reading people's responses to the somewhat questionable nominations of George Clooney and Leonardo DiCaprio for Best Actor in a Motion Picture Drama and I tend to agree. Even though I still have not seen either "The Descendants" (not a great urge) or "J. Edgar" (keep hearing it's pretty bad) but I wonder, along with everyone else, why Andy Serkis' incredible performance in "Rise of the Planet of the Apes" seems to be falling through the cracks. Would love to see The Academy break out from the norm and say 'yes, Andy is nominated even though you never see him in the flesh on screen'.

Kristen Wiig was nominated for "Bridesmaids" which is pretty damned cool! She was great! Only problem is Melissa McCarthy should have easily been as well.

BTW, why wasn't "Drive" nominated for Best Picture as well? That seems like a pretty big gaping hole. Still need to do a review of that awesome flick. Ryan Gosling is nominated in two catagories as Best Actor for "The Ides Of March" and "Crazy, Stupid, Love." Again...hello, "Drive"!

Ricky Gervais is back again as host and once again I will say I was never offended by his banter and take-downs. But yes, they did induce some major gasps. Why did the HFPA bring him back with such continued controversy. Hmmm, could it be.....RATINGS?! He'll definitely be the wild card of the night similar to watching the hilarious train wreck of Kathy Griffin hosing Anderson Cooper every New year's Eve.

Can't say that I've ever really been in tune with the TV nominees but I'll definitely be rooting for one of the very best shows on the air right now, "Modern Family".


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