Saturday, September 17, 2011

Work update and the final countdown to staff!

I've been swinging between three studio feature projects over the past two weeks, taking on another forthcoming Christmas release. With a trio of broadcast spots in the mix, I'm very aware of the fact that I'm concluding my three month probationary period at In Sync.

October 5 is the 90-day mark and somewhere around that date is where I'll be signing the contract to makes everything official. The first order of business after that will be scan that first check as a staff editor to frame and proudly display on my wall at home, bringing the journey towards a goal I set my sights on 15 years ago to a successful.....oh wait, you thought I was going to say close? Nope, no way!

There's so much more to do and I am by no means stopping now! From here I'll be expanding on the goal achieved, so don't expect me to be sitting back and getting fat on contentment! LOL!


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