Tuesday, September 13, 2011


It's time to finally take a stand against the atrocities being made of our classic "Star Wars" trilogy! George Lucas has continually fiddled with scenes in the original movies as well as the prequels...O.K. well who cares if he's messed with the prequels, but THE ORIGINALS!!!

Therefore, I am proactively asking everyone to NOT buy the new Blu-ray set being released this coming Friday. Spending money on this release would just be adding gasoline to the fire of Lucas' meddlings. So many fans bitch about all the changes and yet people come out in droves to basically say 'thank you, George Lucas for raping these classics!' Again and again and again and again and again....AND AGAIN!

Click on the Blu-ray box with the international symbol for 'NO!' slapped over it in the left column to be taken to a Facebook page called 'Boycott Star Wars Blu-ray'. After reading a posting on /Film today I was prompted to do a search for any site that might be promoting a refusal to buy the set and found this ever increasing legion of people who have had enough. Hit the 'like' button if you agree!

I LOVE the original "Star Wars" trilogy and this is certainly not a put down of that part of the franchise. But enough is seriously enough!


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