Wednesday, September 14, 2011

I hate missing the BIG stuff...

...But when the big stuff gets even BIGGER?!!!

LA Live hosted a special 30th Anniversary screening of "Raiders of the Lost Ark" in downtown LA Monday night plus a special Q&A with Steven Spielberg. We'd just seen him at Comic-Con promoting "Tin Tin"...and Rebecca, our friend Paul and I had recently attended an 30th Anniversary Academy screening of "Raiders" plus a Q&A with Frank Marshall and some of the post production team. So why was this different? Not only was Spielberg but Harrison Ford showed up as a surprise guest!!! AAAHHH!!!

I knew this screening was going on this past Monday and that it sold out very quickly...even though tickets had to be claimed in some not-so seat-preferentially, guarantee-able way. My skills and abilities of keeping a hand on the pulse of special Q&A screenings has become pretty sharp. But once in a blue moon something too important to miss slips through my fingers, begging the question 'where did THAT come from?!'

Check out the posting on Hero Worship for all the details.


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