Wednesday, September 21, 2011

"1941" screening!....What?....SOLD OUT?!!

We were planning to go to a Q&A screening of "1941" at the Silent Movie Theatre this coming Sunday night and I was trying to buy tickets online, even though I kept putting it off. Well this'll teach me to never underestimate a movie I felt would certainly draw a crowd but not sell out!

Screenwriter Bob Gale with actors Nancy Allen and Eddie Deezen will be in attendance for a special Q&A after the film. This might have been the factor that caused ticket sales to advance a bit more quickly than I anticipated. The thing that sucks is this was one movie from the 70's/80's I figured Generation Pilgrim, along with other movie hipsters, couldn't ruin.

Even though I love "1941", laughing out loud never seemed to be a part of my enjoyment of the movie. Yes, it's definitely iconicly fun! But Generation Pilgrim might have actually made the movie even funnier! I can't think of a single thing they might have destroyed with their annoying laughter. But unfortunately we'll never know because of the wildly quick sell-out.

The good news is we're probably going to have our friend Paul over this coming Saturday night for dinner and a movie in the 10th Box Cinema. He's never actually seen "1941" so this could end up being our back-up screening of the film.


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Yeah...definitely CRAP.


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