Sunday, August 21, 2011

Passing on D23

After looking over the schedule for Disney's D23 in Anaheim we decided to pass. Certainly there are a number of interesting panels happening throughout the weekend (like Pixar) but nothing really screamed 'we gotta go!!'

The only seriously big presentation at the event was for "The Avengers" which happened on Saturday. But since we all know my expectations for that movie, paying $47 for the day just to see that was not an option. I'll definitely be checking out how the weekend went tomorrow and perhaps there'll be presentations at future events we may wish to attend. But for now we were quiet content with our decision to pass.

This left us with much more time to see "Captain America" again and for Rebecca to finally see "Rise of the Planet of the Apes" for the first time since returning from Scotland. We also saw "One Day" this morning which was enjoyable but slow at times. We didn't even check the Tomato-Meter on until after we came out of the theater. Yikes!...27% rating with a splat! Didn't think it was that bad. Ended up going to this because the first morning show of "The Help" was completely sold out.


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